What I wore (25th August 2012)

Another what I wore post! These are getting more regular and I have another to post after this too. EXCITING MUCH!?

Ahem… So anyway I went to watch Ted with my best friend last Saturday and then for cocktails at one of our newest and favourite places to drink. We laughed our heads off at Ted and my best friend sounded like she was laughing more at my facial expressions when seeing a certain actor make an appearance than the actual film. I haven’t laughed so much in ages and if you haven’t been to watch Ted, I recommend you hurry up and do so before it stops showing. It’s amazing and I’m definitely going to be buying it on DVD when it comes out.

Our cocktails were delicious and we mostly drank pina coladas. NOM!

Anyhoo on with what I wore! The weather was miserable so I had to have a bit of a wardrobe change at the last-minute.

Shirt – Primark.

Jeans – Select.

Cardigan – New Look.

Beanie – Relentless.

Bag (on bed) – Primark.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

I was supposed to wear the shirt with the shorts I bought from Primark lately but the weather was atrocious so I opted for these jeans instead. I teamed this look with my Dr Martens, no regrets! I love my Dr Martens so much, they’ll be great during the winter.

I loved what I wore and was warm and snug all night. It was great being able to wear such a relaxed look to the cinema and for drinks, especially on a Saturday and while I wasn’t dressed up, I felt great.

Only flaw with this outfit is that I feel it makes me look bigger than I actually am and I don’t really like it. Might just be the way I’m stood in the pictures though. I assure you, I don’t think I’m that big… Judge for yourselves if you think I’m a fat ass…

I don’t know if I’ll team these again as I want to wear the shirt with shorts instead of trousers. Maybe a skirt too for evenings, I have a lovely black one I could wear it with, with black wedges too to glam it up a bit more.

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