What I wore (27th August 2012)

You know those evenings when you stay in with friends instead of going out on the town and, alas you have a hell of a lot more fun? Yeah, Monday was one of those evenings!

One of my best friends has recently moved into a new house with her housemate and it’s lovely! So we all gathered and went round to nose at the new house, eat pizza and play Dublin Monopoly. Oh and drink of course (me and the bestie had cider and black!).

I had work in the morning so as soon as I got home I quickly got changed and got myself ready to meet the best friend up town, get alcohol, few nice things and make our way over to the new house!

We bought some Ribena and Blackthorn cider and it’s one of the nicest cider and blacks I have EVER had. Will be buying the two to have again and enjoy in future.

I fancied dressing up nice and once again, the weather was miserable but it wasn’t holding me back this time! Here’s what I wore.

Dress – Primark.

Scarf – Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon.

Tights – Primark.

Bag (on bed) –  H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Bracelets – Dorothy Perkins and Charmology (sold at Zen).

This is the dress I showed you all on a recent blog post. It was a tad awkward to do up at the back and it made me think I’d  put weight on! Alas I have not and it did up after a bit of force. It felt and looked beautiful and really showed off how small my waist can be, whilst hiding my hips/love handles.

I wore my Dr Martens with this due to the rain and the fact I thought they would go wonderfully, as well as my boyfriend cardigan. It made it look very rocker chick and I loved it. Will definitely be pairing my Dr Martens with more dresses, especially during the winter season!

The scarf was a purchase from the RSC recently and at first I began to wonder whether it was worth the £11 I paid, but oh yes it is! It’s huge and it could be worn as a chiffon cardigan/throw if I really wanted to, as well as a huge scarf. I’ll be wearing the hell out of it during autumn and winter this year.

Can’t wait to wear this dress again, especially with my houndstooth coat.

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