Shopping with le Mother

After waking up this morning I wandered downstairs to get a coffee, only to be asked by my Mom, “Naaaat wanna go shopping? You could drive couldn’t you?”

How could I say no to my Mom? She’s my Mom! So of course after a sulk and a grumble of, “But I wanted to stay in bed and play on my PS3 all day.” I had my coffee and went upstairs to get ready to go shopping.

Glad I went really as it means I can stay in bed tomorrow and as well as getting a few lovely things I went to visit my Gran and Aunt and once again I painted my Gran’s nails and they look larvely.

Anyhoo photo’s of what I got!


I got a few things from Wilkinsons today as my Mom went in there to look for a few things for the house and for my Gran’s bathroom as she’s been doing it up. Anyhoo I spotted these amazing fluffy pillows and I saw this one in purple. It’s so squishy and soft and fluffy that I just had to have it! It’s going to stay on my bed for me to lean on and against when I’m on my iPad and playing games on  my PS3. I hate leaning on a pillow that just goes flat after 5 minutes. For £4.50 this one hasn’t broken the bank and it’s so lovely.

As well as the pillow I also bought some berry incense sticks and a room diffuser. £4 altogether and I can’t wait to try the incense sticks as they smell delicious, however the diffuser has given me a bit of a sore throat and headache so I’m going to try it again tomorrow afternoon and see how it goes. As well as those I popped into Select for a browse and saw this gorgeous waist belt in there for £5.00. It has round studs on and it’ll look great with a dress, can’t to wear it. First picture shows it better than this one does.

Finally I saw this notebook in Wilkinson’s and I just couldn’t resist it! I love my SLR camera and taking pictures and well I love writing so this notebook just has two of my passions on it. I’m not sure whether to use it for blog ideas and work experience related things or just have it as something to jot crap it. I am swaying towards career related things. Will see in the next couple of days. Also when going into Sainsbury’s I noticed they were selling Parade’s End for £3.99. I’ve been watching the TV show and love it so far and have been talking with my best friend about reading the novel version after the show. I was going to get the original version without Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover but my Mom tempted me too much to buy it and I ended up buying it and reading a few pages whilst we walked around getting shopping. Ooops.

As well as these I’ve just ordered a geeky Sherlock related t-shirt from Red Bubble and already I can’t wait for it to arrive! I ordered a girly fit t-shirt in heather grey. I have a thing for grey lately and this t-shirt will look great with a beanie, jeans, my Dr Martens and my boyfriend cardigan. It’ll be worn when I see my friend Gabriella next month for our Benedict Cumberbatch marathon!

So yeah that was all the nice little bits I bought today. Nothing major or fancy but it’s cheered me up as I felt like total shit last night at work and when I got home. Glad I’m feeling better, can’t wait for the weekend mind. It’s going to be awesome! Meeting one of my best friends new housemates and he seems lovely. Going to probably watch TV, drink and eat food all weekend after work. FUN TIMES! Anyhoo, gunna go continue to listen to music and look at lovely things online. Have a good Friday babes.


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