August favourites

Here we are again and my God are the months passing us quickly? Now it’s September (my favourite month!) and I can’t wait to see what it brings. But for now, here are my favourites from August.

  • Lynx Excite deodorant/body spray.

Okay I know this is a male deodorant/body spray but I was running out of the women’s one and was too busy with work to pick any up myself. So my Mom kindly offered to get me some when she was popping to the shops. However they didn’t stock the women’s one where she went so she picked this one up for me instead, which works just as well as the one I originally wanted. I love Lynx, it smells great and for me it works better than women’s deodorants. Win!

  • Angel EDP by Thierry Mugler.

I LOVE this perfume, have done since my Mom bought her first bottle back when it first came out in the early nineties. It’s a very strong perfume and as I don’t have my own bottle (yet…) I steal a bit of my Mom’s before I have my early shifts at work. It smells great and lasts ages so it’s great for mornings!

  • NYC lipstick in Blue Rose.

I posted about buying this lipstick recently and oh it is wonderful! It’s pretty much a dupe of Show Orchid by MAC and lasts ages. I wear it for work in the mornings and afternoons and it lasts ages. Sometimes it can be a bit on the dark side, but a bit of smudging with my little finger or blotting with tissue and the issue is sorted. This lipstick is going to be perfect for winter this year.

  • Red Bull.

This has been my saviour lately at work due to morning shifts. On an early I need to be at work for 6.45am to get in, clock on and get my till sorted. Therefore I need to be awake between 4.45am-5.15am depending on which day it is. Due to having a Costa in the same building as where I work we get 70% off pretty much everything there, but of late when I have my morning Costa I’ve been feeling rather sick afterwards so I’ve changed from that to Red Bull. Sugar free one of course, even though recently I accidentally gulped down two cans of the regular. Naughty Natalee!

  • Nails Inc nail polish in South Molton Street.

This polish is probably my favourite one ever and I have lots of gorgeous polishes! It’s not glittery, glow in the dark or anything fancy or special like that, it’s a light French manicure pink. Might be boring to you but it’s a saviour for me! It’s light enough that I can wear it for work and NOT get into trouble. It also makes my nails look that little more feminine too, which is great for me.

  • 2True Cheek & Lip stain in Rose.

This lip stain is amazing! After the first couple of uses I wasn’t so sure it would ever be as dark as I was wanting it to be but after a while it has slowly become better and better and after this bottle has finished, I might MIGHT buy Benefits version. I love this for evenings out and mornings at work so I don’t have to worry about it fading, which if it does it’s not noticeable. Love it!

  • Mentos Gum.

I know this isn’t beauty related but I LOVE the spearmint Mentos I buy from work. Lasts ages and just tastes lovely, buy them every other day I’m there just because I get through them so quickly.
So yes those were my favourites for August, not too many but  more than previous months before! Hope you enjoyed and see you next month!


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