Things I want at the moment

It’s my day off and I thought well why not write a blog post while I can eh? I wasn’t sure of what to write and for about a week I haven’t been feeling very well so I didn’t want to do anything that required taking pictures, so I thought I would update you all with some things I reallllly want at the moment. Alas I have no money (damn you car insurance and contract phone!) so they will just have to be hoped for in future. Enjoy!

  • Anya Wet Look Strappy Side Crop Top from Boohoo.

Okay I wouldn’t usually go for pieces of clothing like this as I’m VERY conscious of my stomach but for once I don’t care and I really like this crop top. I’d buy it to wear on evenings and nights out with the purple hem skirt that I showed you all a while ago in a haul. I think they would look great together, especially with autumn and winter coming up! I’d also wear the crop top with some cute shorts, preferably my American Flag, floral and dip dye ones for nights out in clubs. I doubt I will purchase this just yet, when I have some spare cash but at £14 it’s not going to break the bank!

  • Easy Livin’ Dress by Joe Browns.

I have the monthly catalogue for Joe Browns and I occasionally see something in there, and so far only own two pieces by them which are a t-shirt and a dress. This dress is beautiful in my eyes and even though it is a dress, it looks like a baggy jumper and a skirt. It would look great with some plum tights/leggings and my Dr Martens for winter days and teams with my red cape it would feel amazing for day-night. However it is nearly £40 so I may wait until it’s gone down in price to purchase, but it will be mine some day!

  • Fearne Cotton Knitted Striped Tunic.

This tunic/dress by Fearne Cotton is GORGEOUS and I can’t stop thinking about it. Ways I’d style it, places I’d wear it, argh! I have quite a few pieces by Fearne Cotton and I love them all, well worth the money even though they were all bought in sales. I really want this dress but I refuse to pay £49 for it brand new, as I’m sure New Look or another high street chain could bring something out similar for less than half the  price. I shall either wait for it to be in the sale or break and end up paying full price for it. Either way I love it and I need it in my life, especially for when Christmas is upon us. I’d team it with tights/leggings, my Dr Martens/brothel creepers/wedges and my houndstooth coat. I’d look fabulous darling. 😉

  • Stickers from Redbubble.

I love foxes so much, they’re adorable and I really would love one as a pet… But I can’t see this happening anytime soon and plus it would be awfully cruel! Anyway this morning whilst noseying around Redbubble I found these stickers (which you can also buy as t-shirts) and thought how adorable and lovely they would look on my bass guitar, laptop etc. I might order some in future for these items but for now I shall just awe at how lovely they look.

  • Illamasqua lipstick in Magnetism.

This morning my dear friend Poppy told me about this lipstick and I hate her for doing so because I have fallen in love with it! I have no money mind so I’ll have to wait until I have some spare cash to afford it. It’s a beautiful dark raspberry pink lipstick and unlike their usual matte texture, this lipstick has been said to be rather sheer and glossy. That’s a thumbs up in my books! Will be looking into purchasing this in future for sure. And for some better swatches I recommend you check out Temptalia’s post about it on her website. I can’t put into words how much I love her blog/website by the way.

That’s pretty much everything I want at the moment though, although I have a feeling I’ll be editing this post with some more bits and bobs later today. 😉


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