Glastonbury baby!

Have literally just registered for my ticket for Glastonbury and I hope it gets approved! For years I wanted to go to Glastonbury but after a while the idea fizzled out and turned to Reading instead. However, after hearing rumours that Daft Punk might be there, I got all excited and insisted that I must go! Even if the rumours aren’t true.
Daft Punk are a band I need to see before I die, or I’ll die with an empty space in my heart. I’ve listened to them since Discovery came out and have been in love since, especially with their live album Alive 2007.

My two best friends have also registered so it’ll be great to experience my first festival with them both, it also being my best friends first festival too.

I’m sort of already planning what outfits I can wear, whether I’ll sleep in a tent or risk it in the outdoors. If I’ll get shit faced or stay sober. Whether I’ll eat much and survive on liquids or eat loads and still drink loads.

It’s exciting the thought of finally getting to see Daft Punk live and if they aren’t playing Glastonbury and are playing somewhere else, I’ll stalk them there as I need to see this bad before I die.

There’s Alive 2007 for you to have a listen to if you’re interested. Best live album I own! Will keep you updated how my process with my registration goes!


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