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September, my favourite month of the year and so far I’ve been in love with it, as usual. It just means a lot to me and is the start of exciting things. I wanted to create this post to share and discuss this month with you as the thought, feel and just everything about it makes me extremely happy and I don’t even understand why!

  • The change from summer to autumn.

Autumn is my favourite time of year. The leaves on the trees begin to change from their luscious, healthy green to their dull, crunchy brown, orange and yellow colours. Conkers begin to grow on the trees near me and one year when I was a child my father and I went down every day after school to gather some drill holes through so we could thread some string through them to play conkers. It never happened, but I remember how much fun it was to gather all the conkers together. I’d love to do that with my own son or daughter some day. As well as the trees changing and sprouting autumn treats, I also love the change of weather. One day it’ll be chilly and you need a big wooly jumper and scarf, with a coat and other days you’ll be content in a dress and a jacket. The weather is forever unpredictable and I love it so much!

  • The dramatic life changes.

This is the second year where I haven’t had education to be prepared and ready for and it feels odd. Since I was a child I’ve also loved this month for getting ready to go back to school, college and university. However that doesn’t mean that dramatic change has to go away! I’m always  prepared for anything. I love hearing of people starting a new place of education as it means meeting new people, moving away from home and starting to get your foot on the pedestal of your dream career.

  • Excitement of Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas!

With only a few months of the year left and the colder weather and earlier nights upon us, September gets us ready for some of my favourite events of the year. Halloween you get to dress up as something creepy or funny for a night, Bonfire Night you get to set fire to things and drink alcohol (not something to be encouraged, but what the hell!) and Christmas, need I say more? I’ve already started to think of what to be for Halloween (minion from Despicable Me or a nutter in a straight jacket… Probably be both!), not sure what I’ll be doing for Bonfire Night, will have to see about that one. Christmas is going to be good this year, I have my job, I’ll have money and I’ll be able to treat my family to lovely things for once. OH and going to The German Market with all my friends more than once, twice, three times even! I can’t wait for Christmas to be wrapped up in  my winter warms, drinking hot cider and nibbling on pretzels and fried potatoes with people I love.

  • Last of all, it’s my Dad’s birthday this month and it was today (well yesterday… 16th) and it’s always lovely to celebrate his birthday, even though he never asks for much. I’m just really sad I’ve hardly seen him today due to having a late shift at work. But I know me and him can do something lovely together Tuesday when I’m not at work. I love him to bits, he’s definitely helped me to become who I am today, a strong brave woman who will do what it takes to get what she wants. Love you Dad. ❤

Here are some pictures to show you what else I love about September. I hope you enjoy this month as much as I do! If not, what month do you love and why?

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