Everyday this week I’ve been thinking about things I love and things I hate, rather random but it has helped pass times of going home from work/seeing friends and whilst on my shifts at work.

So here they are, enjoy!

Things I love:

  • How many gigs I have lined towards the end of the years, is why I love the end of the year so much, especially this year.
  • This time of year when the weather is getting chillier, it gets darker sooner, everyone rushing about to school, college and university and back from there when the day is done and how beautiful the afternoon will be before it goes dark.
  • My friends (of course), I feel like since I’ve got my job I’ve seen them more and done more with them and I love it so much.
  • Listening to relaxing music on the way home in the car or on the bus/train. I love just thinking of novel and story ideas whilst I listen to these.
  • Halloween soon! Spooky costumes ideas soon.
  • Finally, Christmas isn’t too far away now and the thought of The German Market and fun times with friends cheers  me up.

Things I hate:

  • That I can’t read whilst on the bus or in a car. I envy seeing people sat there reading and flicking through a book. I love reading and I never get much time to of late so it just sucks I can’t on the bus. XD
  • The breaks on my car have broken! I’m pissed off about it slightly as I wanted to drive me and my Mom to go shopping together next week. Plus, clothes, London and Glastonbury money having to go towards it being fixed… But I guess it is worth it!
  • Not being able to play on my PS3 the past week due to being so busy with work. HOWEVER I am on early shifts the next couple of days so my weekend will end up with me coming home, getting into bed and playing them.
  • Wanting new music and films to watch… BUT NOT KNOWING WHICH TO BUY! Recommend if you know any decent ones!
  • Finally that I won’t know when I’ll see my friend Gabriella due to bloody work. I intend to go and stay with her a couple of days so that we can have our Benedict Cumberbatch marathon but I never get two days off in a row and if I do I’m too busy on my Tuesday’s with my pole dancing OR being asked to go in last-minute to cover.

Anyhoo nothing exciting, I just thought I would post this. Might become a regular thing, depends how I feel. LOTS of posts coming up over the weekend and middle of next week, so keep your eyes peeled for those.


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