Flatforms, my feminine flats for A/W12!

Since the beginning of the year I have noticed flatforms more and more thanks to Tumblr as well as a certain blog post by Caroline (sparklyvodka). I remember reading the post and falling in  love with the flatforms she’d bought, but after seeing that they cost £40 I left the idea and ended up buying some creepers instead, which I still love of course!

However my want and need for a pair of flatforms came up again and I can’t even remember how and I went searching everywhere I could to try to find a pair like the ones Caroline posted on her blog. I found many pairs from black (which is what I was after), to purple ad tartan but they weren’t suede/fake suede and that was the style I was after in particular.

One night after work I was with my Mom watching TV faffing on my iPad (as you do…) when I thought about browsing on ASOS for some flatforms. Straight away I found these and they were the closest match to the ones that Caroline had posted about. I of course fell in love with them and told my Mom I would order them when I got some spare cash and the nerve to order them.

These were my first purchase from ASOS and I can safely say I will be using ASOS again. Had no problems whatsoever and they arrived rather quickly, and can’t complain with free delivery!

Sadly they were a tad big but with some insoles they’re okay now, but my feet are rather odd when it comes to heels and flats so I’ve put it down to that, not the shoes themselves. Must show you what they look like on me, I think they look gorgeous!

The pictures of these shoes on ASOS don’t do them justice at all! They’re so comfortable and snug (especially now I have my insoles) and they make my legs look long and fabulous! They aren’t real suede but I don’t care about that, they look and feel amazing and that’s all that matters to me.

I got these for £25 with free delivery (as I mentioned earlier) and only just before ordering them did I find out that they’re the exact same pair as what Caroline posted about, the only difference being the price but of course I never realised as they weren’t reduced in a sale. Maybe ASOS realised they were asked a lot for these back at the beginning of the year… Who knows but I’m glad they brought them down in price.

Of course every time I buy something I always think of all the different ways I can style them up and wear them, no matter what type of piece it is and especially where I can wear these things to, this didn’t change with these shoes.

I intend to wear them as a feminine alternative to my creepers during the day, evenings out with friends and maybe on the occasional night out, but I’ll see how I feel on that one due to the material and the fact I love my creepers for nights out.

I’ll be wearing these with anything and everything, from skinny fit jeans and a baggy jumper to leggings and a jumper dress. These would especially look great with a maxi dress as due to the platform, it lengthens the leg in a natural way and will look great peeping out of the bottom of the dress too. The possibilities are endless with these shoes as they just go with pretty much everything! Black is an amazing colour to go for and suede even more so, as it jazz’s up any outfit whereas a plain black leather or pleather pair wouldn’t I don’t think.

I intend on wearing these tomorrow to the pub with my friends, unsure what I’ll team them with yet. Possibly a jumper dress, some leggings and a jacket/coat or possibly some skinny fit jeans, smart shirt and my houndstooth coat. Who knows, but you’ll find out on Tuesday afternoon!

I can’t wait to wear them out and they were worth every penny! Expect to see them in future “What I wore” posts!


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