What I wore (17th September 2012)

Another day off work, another day to spend with my friends! I didn’t (or at least I don’t think) I made much effort with the outfit I wore that day due to being tired and wanting to wear these pieces and also my Dr Martens boots. The autumn chill is really beginning to show and some warm boots and a big coat are pretty much necessity now!

Sherlock t-shirt – Redbubble.

Shorts – Primark.

Tights – Primark.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Bracelets: Multi-pastel skull – Dorothy Perkins, blue beads with charms – Charmology.

Rings: Knuckleduster – River Island, Snake – Present from my Mom.

I really loved wearing this outfit, I’d wanted the t-shirt for ages and to finally have it arrive and be able to wear it, I was super happy! I also love the shorts, they’re burgundy which I am obsessed with this season and I think the grey went really well with them. I teamed this with tights (as you can see), my houndstooth coat and my Dr Martens. It had a casual/50’s vintage style I feel and as well as feeling great it kept me warm too!

I’m tempted to see if Primark still sell the matching burgundy blazer to go with the shorts. It would look lovely with some of the pieces I have lately, especially my dresses.

Also, in the end I didn’t wear my rings, wasn’t feeling it that day. :’)

Loved this outfit and can’t wait to team my Sherlock t-shirt and burgundy shorts with other pieces from my wardrobe!


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