Don’t sweat the small stuff

Nice title eh? Recently I saw on my Facebook news feed a post from Truffle Shuffle advertising one of their new sweaters, and as soon as I saw it  I KNEW I needed it!

When I was a child I loved my Littlest Pet Shop play sets and die to this I still own them all (I have no shame admitted this!) As well as this I love quite a lot of what Truffle Shuffle’s t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. I can never resist any of their pieces that remind me of my childhood.

Although this isn’t exactly fashionable I’m going to dress it up to suit some fashion trends at the moment, as well as suiting my own unique style. Of course 90’s grunge is back and this is perfect for that trend, it says “Made in the 90’s” after all! Teamed with a plaid shirt, denim shorts, tights and a pair of boots or creepers, this will look amazing! Not forgetting a slouchy beanie and a warm jacket for the autumn chill at the moment.

This will be perfect for all occasions, maybe even nights out. But I’ll mostly wear this for shopping says out with my girls and evenings out at the pub/bar with everyone.

Just to throw this in this post, Truffle Shuffle are amazing! They have great prices, various pieces to choose from and their delivery is quick, even for standard delivery, This is the second purchase I have made from them and it won’t be my last, that’s for sure. They also put cute little packets of sweets in with your order too, and each order I’ve received Parma Violets, which I gave to my Dad. Sorry Truffle Shuffle, I don’t like them that much. 😛

I’m pretty confident that I’ll wear the hell out of this sweater and I can’t wait to wear it on Monday when I go shopping. I’ll make sure to take some pictures of how I wore it and make a “What I wore” post.

What have you bought from Truffle Shuffle or what would you like to buy?

Also what childhood shows or toys would you like to see on a piece of clothing?

Let me know and I’ll reply back! 😀


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