What I wore (26th September 2012)

This Wednesday was a very special day, as for about two or three months I hadn’t seen one of my closest friends, due to her moving back home from university. I have missed her so much and I’m already trying to sort out when I can go and see her/stay over again. Hopefully very soon as I miss her so bloody much already and it hasn’t even been a week yet! I didn’t dress up fancy but I rather like what I wore as it was casual and meant a lot to the pair of us.

Sherlock t-shirt – Redbubble.

Black skinny fits – Criminal Damage.

Belt – Lowlife.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Watch– Present from my Mom.

We both decided we would wear our Sherlock t-shirts for when we watched a film or two which starred Benedict Cumberbatch, but we ended up going shopping at Primark instead and for Starbucks. I teamed this with my houndstooth coat and my Dr Martens boots for warmth as I knew I would be travelling back on trains late and it would more than likely be cold then. I love what I bought from Primark and the next ‘What I wore’ post will be showing off one of the items.

I know this look isn’t anything special but it was comfortable and was lovely to wear for a relaxed day with one of my closest friends. I’ve missed her so much and I hope she see’s this post to know how much I still miss her! We shall have our Avengers and Benedict Cumberbatch marathons soon!


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