What I wore (27th September 2012)

I had my last morning shift for a while on Thursday and I’m rather glad to be honest as I’ve been so tired lately that I just want my late shifts back! I suggested to my family that we go out after work just to get out of the house for a while. They agreed and we went to get some food shopping and plants. I ended up coming home with a copy of Elle Magazine, Monster and three packets of angel delight. Oh yum yum! Anyway I wanted to show you what I wore as I loved it!

Jumper – Primark.

Skinny fit jeans – Boy London.

Belt – Lowlife.

This is the jumper I bought on Wednesday with my friend and we both bought matching ones. They remind us of John Watson and his jumpers from Sherlock so we call this our John Jumper. We’re too cool right? It has brown elbow patches which I don’t mind but due to how baggy and long the sleeves on this jumper are, they don’t stay on my elbows and more on the end of my forearms. Oops! I teamed this with my Dr Martens boots and couldn’t decide on a coat/jacket so I didn’t bother but I think in future I might team it with my red cape. The jumper is really big and I could have gone down a size, but I’m content with the baggyness as it’s a jumper you can lounge in and still feel great and look good.

Can’t wait to wear this jumper again and might buy another one in teal when I go shopping Monday!


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