September favourites!

How quickly has this month gone by?! My favourite month has passed us by and the busiest month of  the year so far (for me anyway) had come upon us! Soon enough it will be 2013. For now it’s time for me to share with you what I loved during September and I’m trying out a new layout as my favourites of the month have looked rather dull and boring. It’s time for pictures!

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy EDP.

I love this perfume and a while ago I did a HUGE post on here about all the perfumes I own. I bought my 100ml bottle of this back in 2009 and I decided recently that it was time to start using it and what better time than now eh? I mostly wear this before I go to work or pop out to the shops. It lasts AGES and majority of girls recognise what it is, I know I can when I smell it on other people. There’s more information about its scent, notes etc on the post I linked to but this smells of blueberries, which is amazing. I’ll be repurchasing this in future as it’s just something I NEED in my collection.

Garnier Hand Intensive 7 Days Dan Cream in Shea Butter.

I bought this hand cream as a try product to have whilst I’m at work but have ended up loving it more than I intended to. I suffer from eczema and at one point couldn’t find anything to help that wasn’t given to me by a doctor, but it seems that my search is over now. Will be purchasing this again, maybe in honey as I reckon that would smell amazing.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

This could be on my favourites list every month but because I like to make room for new things, it isn’t on all of them. It has to be this month however due to the dramatic change in weather my poor lips are sore and burnt from the cold wind. Also the fact I haven’t been too bothered about wearing lipstick during work of late so this has been put on as often as possible to keep my lips nice and soft. I love this lip balm so much and nothing will ever replace it! It smells like chocolate and tastes yummy.

  • Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Dance 4 (couldn’t find a picture).

Going against what I just said, when I have been bothered to wear anything on my lips other than a balm I’ve kept going back to this same product this month. It’s a lovely light peach/orange colour and is perfect to quickly apply before work or when I’m quickly nipping out for some things. The Collection 2000 lipglosses seem really good and the pigment is great too, I might buy another in the future!

Air Wick Candle in Apple & Cinnamon.

I’ve owned this candle for quite a while now (probably coming up to a year) and I’ve finally decided to use it now we’re into autumn. Reason for me not using this for so long is that I discovered Yankee Candles just after I bought this… Need I say more? So it has been lit and used every other night (got it lit right now as I wrote this blog post!) and it smells wonderful. It’s really got me in the autumn mood and even more so for Christmas and winter with its spicy, warm scents and smells.

Oral B 3D White Brilliance toothpaste.

I read about this toothpaste in a magazine when it first came out and was tempted to try it, but when I saw the price I decided to leave it. Nearly £4.00 for toothpaste is quite a lot in my book. One day my Mom came back from shopping and she’d bought us both a tube to try (bless her!) and after giving it a test run for a week I noticed a huge difference! I now understand why it costs so much and don’t mind paying the price, now I know it actually does what it says on the box. I’m now on my second tube and I may write a review for this in future.

Anyhoo that’s all for this month! I have a feeling I’ll have more in the next three months, so stay tuned for those!

What did you love using throughout September? Let me know in the comments!

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