It’s been so long!

It’s been over a week since I last posted on my blog and I apologise, I’ve just been so busy the past week that I haven’t had a chance to even think about what I need to post, let alone post anything! Here’s a short (ha!) rundown of what I’ve been doing since 2nd October:

  • 3rd October; me and my friends went to watch The Campaign and Lawless at the cinema.
  • 4th October; had work all day.
  • 5th October; went out with my friends drinking and dancing after work. Was a great night. 😉
  • 6th October; MET BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! Post about this soon.
  • 7th October; I was staying over at my friend Gabz’s place and attempted to buy Glastonbury tickets. Failed.
  • 8th October; went for drinks with someone. 😉
  • 9th October; worked 16 hours, dead.
  • 10th October; went to a friends with lots of friends for cheese and wine. Was very sophisticated.

So overall a great fucking week! Especially meeting Benedict Cumberbatch, a post about that will be on here soon, possibly tonight.
So yeah I just wanted to apologise for my absence and before I go to bed to go for my early shift tomorrow I thought I’d do a couple of blog posts. There will be more done over the weekend, I promise. I’ve missed my blog! Shall never neglect it for this long again… Okay for a while then. 😛


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