Music series (favourite ‘rock’ albums)

Finally the third post of this series! Only one left to go after this which will be up after this post too. I was brought up listening to rock music and I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of love with it, it’s just the best around and much better than this chart music shit that everyone seems to listen to and enjoy. Anyway I best get stuck in, I have 10 albums to talk about!

Bloodhound Gang – Show Us Your Hits (2010).

Okay I feel shit putting this in here because it’s a singles album BUT I couldn’t decide out of all their albums which one to put here, so best put this one. All the songs I love hearing on nights out are in here so I thought this would be great to add to this list. I discovered Bloodhound Gang when I was about 14 when I first started to watch Jackass, Viva La Bam and pretty much anything that involved Bam Margera. If you don’t know their song ‘The Bad ouch’ then there is something wrong with you and you need to go and look it up on YouTube or Spotify now. My favourite song by them has to be ‘Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo’ for a funny moment between my brother and I when we first heard it/watched it on KERRANG. “Ha it spells out fuck. Very clever.” Was my brothers remark. I still laugh about it today, I don’t even know why. And also this album has a great cover for all men (and some women) out there to gaze at. 😉


cKy – Infiltrate•Destroy•Rebuild (2002).

Once again since I started to watch Viva La Bam and Jackass did I get into cKy, as of course Bam Margera features them a lot of the time on anything he’s to do with. Infact pretty much all of the cKy movies have cKy – Volume 1 playing in the background. Anyway I love cKy and would love to see them live, but whether this happens or not, I don’t know. I love all their albums but this one has to be mentioned because I just enjoy and listen to more of the songs on here than I do on their others, otherwise it would have been Volume 1. Favourite songs from here are ‘Flesh Into Gear’, ‘Frenetic Amnesic’, ‘Plastic Plan’ and ‘Close Yet Far’ which on some occasions does make me cry. It’s just such a beautiful song. I love a little story behind this album title when a fan accidentally called it Destroy Infiltrate Rebuild and Chad the guitar player ripped the shit out of him. Made me laugh hearing that story on Radio Bam, still does!


Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra (2011).

Another album with half naked women on, what the hell?! I’ve loved Limp Bizkit for years that I can’t even remember how many, but soon as this album came out and so was Wes Borland I knew I needed to give it a listen. I downloaded it a while after it was released and fell in love, the songs all just flow so well together and I just love them. Some track I do have a habit of skipping, but we all do that right? Limp Bizkit have come back with an amazing album and I hope very soon they’ll come out with another, with Wes Borland again of course, I fucking LOVE that man!
Tracks I love from this album are ‘Bring It Back’,  ‘Gold Cobra’, ‘Shotgun’, ‘Autotunage’ and  ‘Loser’, which is the first track I heard from the album and is one of my favourite Limp Bizkit songs. I often put it on and sing along to it when I feel like a pleb, it’s amazing. 😛



Maroon 5 – Hands All Over (2010).

Okay this might be classed as rock but it’s classed as pop rock so it’s going here! I fell in love with Maroon 5 when they first came out and so far have all their albums and love them all. It was hard to choose between this album and Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane but I’m pretty positive that I love this album a little bit more. The songs seem more merry and danceable, whilst the songs on Songs About Jane seem a little more sad, which isn’t a bad thing of course! Just as I was writing the start of this as well, I noticed it’s another album cover with a half-naked woman on it. I don’t think there will be anymore *crosses fingers incase*. Adam Levine has a beautiful voice and just listening to it, I would. That and the fact he is a beautiful man… Anyhoo I pretty much love the first half of this album and forever listen to it and stop, leaving the other half of the album without as many plays. Songs such as, ‘Misery’, ‘Give A Little More’, ‘Stutter’, ‘Don’t Know Nothing’, and ‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’ is my favourite. Just makes me want to stay in bed with a gorgeous man all day and cuddle. Oh lush!

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade (2006).

I’ve had a love for MCR and the past two years it has slowly faded away, I can’t really stand their latest album but this one is amazing and every time I listen to it, it just reminds me of when I started college and when I was going through some bad and rough times. Like Start Something by Lostprophets it was there for me and I’ll never forget that. MCR remind me of my friend Gabz, whom I love to bits and whenever I listen to them I just think of her. I’ve seen MCR twice live and I would see them again. The live show they put on for this album was incredible and I’d love to relive it! I can’t really chose songs from this album as they all just work so well together but I guess if I had to I’d chose ‘I Don’t Love You’, ‘Cancer’, ‘Mama’, ‘Teenagers’, ‘Disenchanted’ and ‘Famous Last Words’. I love all those songs so much and ‘Cancer’ reminds me of family I have lost, it makes me cry every time I listen to it. Amazing album and everyone should give it a listen as it just works so well together.

Plumb – Chaotic Resolve (2006).

I found out about this band thanks to Amy Lee (singer of Evanescence), who states that she is inspired by the singer of the band. I listened to some of their tracks from this album and had to download it. I don’t have any of their other albums yet but I intend to get some more soon. The singer has a beautiful, unique voice and the  music is relaxing with a rocky edge, no wonder Amy Lee loves them so much! Great album if you’re loved up as that’s what the majority of the album is about but for me it’s nice to listen to whilst walking and needing a pick me up. Favourite tracks are, ‘I Can’t Do This’, ‘Real Life Fairytale’, ‘Manic’, ‘Motion’, ‘I Have Nothing’, ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ and ‘Sleep’. Love this album and I really need to download more by Plumb. Give this album a listen if you like Evanescence and Flyleaf.

Sum 41 – Chuck (2004).

This is by far the album I listen to when I’m angry or feeling really low as the songs on here just seem so angry and depressing. Nothing wrong with that, we all need a bit of angst and tears in our lives I find. I’ve only owned two Sum 41 albums and this one was my favourite of the two, the other being deleted off my iPod. I can’t pick any favourites off this album other than one song that I always listen to when I need a good cry and to feel sorry for myself and that’s ‘Pieces’. This song to me is about self-esteem, which I suffer with quite badly at times so I can relate to this song quite a lot, love it so much for those reasons. The songs on this album all work really well with one another, the start of ’88’ reminds me of Christmas for some reason, go and have a listen and let me know what you think! I don’t think this album is as praised about as their others and I think it needs to be, it’s amazing.

Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now (2006).

I first heard Taking Back Sunday when they supported Lostprophets back in 2007. I thought their set was amazing and downloaded this album straight away, it’s the only one I have by them as I just haven’t got around to getting anymore. Even though I know I will in future, their music is amazing! I doubt I would see them live again mind as they just talk too much for my liking and that’s just a waste of music time in my eyes (and ears of course!). This album flows like all the others really well with some dancey tracks and some you can rock out to if you really wanted to. Favourites include ‘MakeDamnSure’, ‘My Blue Heaven’, ‘Twenty-Twenty Surgery’, and ‘Spin’. But that being said I love all the songs on this album and those are just some of the songs that stick out to me the most. Anyway love this album, I recommend it to anybody who likes rock music.


The Killers – Hot Fuss (2004).

This album holds a lot of memories for me and is the only The Killers album I can listen to and not skip all of it or turn it off. This album reminds me of a part of Birmingham that I used to go to a lot during 2004-2005 and whenever I listen to it I automatically think of that place. It’s where I met people, discovered what music I was into, decided that I loved English and Drama more than I originally thought, had my first job and many more things. ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ stands out of the most to me as it’s the first song I heard by The Killers and as soon as I heard it on Q I had to go searching for it like a mad thing on the  music channels, so whenever it comes on on nights out I love it. ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ just makes me weep, especially when I’m feeling down about something. It’s just a wonderful album for summer and winter, listen to it if you haven’t before and you like The Killers or Brandon Flowers, who is a beauty of a man by the way, just to throw that out there. 😉

+44 – When Your Heart Stops Beating (2006).

I have to put it out there that I can’t stand Blink 182 anymore. I loved them when I was a teenager but not anymore and them coming back has just fulled my feelings for them, but I won’t go into it otherwise I will just sound like an arse and I don’t wish for it to sound that way. When I first heard about +44 I wondered if they would be any good, being pissed still that Blink 182 had broken up, but I love +44 much more than Blink 182. Their sound is similar but I just think it’s better and works without Tom Delonge being around… But that’s just me. I love Mark Hoppus, he’s a great bass player and hilarious, same can be said about Travis Barker with drums and just him in general. PLUS I think Mark is a better singer than Tom… I’m waiting for hate and I don’t even care, this is my opinion! I can’t really pick any songs from this album because I love them all. First song I heard was ‘No It Isn’t’ which at the time meant a lot to me. Flicking through my iPod if I had to choose two songs they would be ‘155’ and ‘Weatherman’ because they just sound amazing and I could sing and dance to them like an idiot ALL DAY.

So there you have it, the list of my favourite ‘rock’ albums. There are more but they’re by artists that have been previously mentioned in previous posts for this series, so I didn’t feel there was any point mentioning those again. Hope you enjoyed and what are some of your favourite albums?

Favourite ‘miscellaneous’ albums coming soon, was going to be tonight but I’m too tired to do them after this long post. Those should be up tomorrow before I go out or Saturday when I come home. You’ll get them before next week anyway! 😉


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