What I wore (October 3rd 2012)

I haven’t done a WIW post for ages and I can explain why, I’ve just been so busy or in a rush that I haven’t had time to take pictures of my outfit. I was going to have two WIW posts today but I hated the pictures I took for the most recent outfit I wore so I deleted them. Will have plenty of WIW posts though soon as I intend to make more effort to get pictures and show you all what I’m wearing.

Jumper – Dorothy Perkins.

Black wet look leggings – Select.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Bag on bed – Dorothy Perkins.

I went to the cinema with my friends after work for a double marathon type thing and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to watch the second film, due to being so tired but I pulled through and I’m glad I went to watch it. We first watched The Campaign and then Lawless. I loved them both so much and can’t wait to watch them again in future. 🙂

My friend Poppy found this jumper on Dorothy Perkins website and made a very swift purchase and after showing it to me I fell in love. However it sold out online and I couldn’t find it in my local DP’s so I insisted I’d never find it to buy and left it to try to find something similar. However, a random look in DP in town and I found it. However they only had the largest size left so I decided to try it on and see how I got on with it. It looked amazing and just about covered my bum to get away with leggings, as you can see. Due to how big it is I had to wear a cami vest underneath, but that was no problem. I wore my coat over the top of this and my Dr Martens boots and felt amazing! Can’t wait to wear this outfit again, next time with some black skinny fits and creepers.


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