Something I can’t stop listening to this month

I love Deadmau5, he’s an amazing musician and he knows how to make great songs. He recently came out with his latest album Album Title Goes Herewhich I fell in love with as soon as I heard it. However I’ve not been listening to a song on repeat from that album, it’s from For Lack of a Better Name and the song is called ‘Strobe’.

The song goes on just over 10 minutes, has no vocals but an amazing sound that you can really get into. The name of the song fits perfect as it reminds me of a club you would go to in Ibiza with strobe lights of all different neon colours going off everywhere, everyone dancing like crazy whether they’re high, drunk or just extremely happy to be there. The song has a positive feel about it and is amazing for that reason.  I love listening to it while I go for walks and on my way to and from work in the car.

Check it out of you like club related music, especially electronica as I reckon you’ll love this, even if you can’t stand Deadmau5.

I hope he does a show in the UK again soon, as I’ll be going for sure!

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