18 Months

Calvin Harris – 18 Months

Released 26th October 2012.

This is Calvin Harris’ third studio album and I’ve been waiting for it since 2011, so I’m glad I finally managed to get my hands on it on Friday afternoon.

The album is pretty much full of all the singles he has brought out the past year, including “Bounce”, “Feels So Close”, “Let’s Go”, “We’ll Be Coming Back” and “Sweet Nothing”.

As well as this you have some other tracks on there too, which all flow really well with the singles. I love this album and it’s going to be great for the autumn and winter months. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since I bought it and shamefully even listened to it whilst I sorted through the pictures I took of Lostprophets on Thursday evening. HA!

Calvin Harris has grown up since his first album I Created Disco and fair play to him for it, he’s always been amazing but he just seems so much more professional and like he knows what sound he wants to go with and a sound people have come to recognise too.

My favourite track from the album has to be “Sweet Nothing” which features Florence Welch, which is the latest single from the album. After this track “School” plays after, which is only 1:48 long but great all the same!

I’m so happy with this album and I ended up paying the extra £3 to have the continuous mix, which is amazing!

If you can’t stand Calvin Harris then this album isn’t for you, but if you like a bit of electronica in your life then give this a listen, it’s over on Spotify to listen to for free.

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