Thanks Look Magazine!

Last week I read over on Jade’s blog about how Look Magazine was giving away free £10 vouchers for Oasis. I thought it was going to the type of voucher where you need to spend a certain amount to use it, BUT IT WASN’T! You didn’t need to spend over a certain amount at all and I decided to pick up a copy of Look at work to read and have my voucher from.

My voucher lay on my bedside table for a couple of day and I began to wonder when it would expire, it expires tomorrow so I realised last night when I got back from work that I needed to use it.

I had a mooch on Oasis’s website and couldn’t find much clothing wise to buy, so I headed over to their accessories to see what I could find nice.

The good thing with the voucher is that it didn’t need to be used in store, it could be used online too. Which of course was handy for me as I wouldn’t have had time to use it before Sunday!

Anyway, I looked around for a while to see what I could find and I stumbled upon this beanie.

Seeing as I couldn’t find anything else, have been wanting a new beanie for ages and sort of fell in love with that one I ordered! The only things I had to pay for was the £4.00 for the beanie (was originally £14.00) and the £2.99 delivery. Pretty happy with this purchase, can’t wait for the hat to arrive so I can wear it around The German Market!

I mean look how red and pretty it is!

Did you pick up the £10 Oasis voucher whilst it was available with Look? If so drop us a comment and let me know what you bought!


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