Something I won’t be buying again…

I’ve been  meaning to post about this product for a while now, but due to the circumstances and being rather busy I’ve not had the time to.

I’m pretty sad to be making this post as this used to be one of my staples and something I haven’t lived without the past couple of years.

T-Zone Rapid Action Spot Zapping Stick

This product has been around for years and for as long as I can remember I have used it. My Mom bought it for me when I was a teenager and had terrible spots, I used to put this on and they vanished straight away. It was a Godly product back in the day but after a while I stopped using it because I couldn’t find it to purchase anymore. I accepted that they had discontinued it and found alternatives.

However a few years back whilst looking around the shops with my Mom I stumbled across this product and we both had a laugh about how much I used to use it as a teen, so I decided to buy it and try it again. It worked like it had before and my spots weren’t as bad as they had been before I started to use this again.

Of late I ran out of this and due to being too busy with work and my social  life to buy another I managed without it for about a month, only buying one on a shopping trip with my Mom (yet again!).

Before starting to use it again I had noticed my skin seemed to be better off without it, but I put this down with it being a certain time of month etc, however when I did start to use it again, I found it wasn’t working for my skin as well as before, infact it was breaking me out quite badly, leaving me with horrible red spots and lumps on my cheek which upset me quite a bit. I know we all have bad patches with spots, especially girls and women but this was becoming a joke.

I decided to stop using the product and see if it stopped the red spots and lumps, it did and since my skin has been the way it normally is.

I’m really sad to be saying goodbye to this product (for now anyway) as it has been such a staple in my life and it’s a shame it just doesn’t work for me anymore. My skin is rather sensitive to products and when introduced to new ones it can often break out or cause an allergic reaction and I think my skin has got so used to not having this product on it, that it’s just reacted badly.

If I get any real bad spots this will be coming out, but until then it can be passed onto someone else or saved for a bad spot day.

I’d recommend this product to anyone though, it’s available from T-Zones website as well as Bodycare and Home Bargains. I loved this product and I’d never have a bad word to say against it, I’m just sad to let this go.



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