What I wore (23rd November 2012)

I’ve worn this outfit a couple of times now and it’s safe to say I am in love with it! I bought it when Poppy and me went on our shopping trip on the 4th November.

I went out with my friends for drinks as you do and at first I was having a great time but after a while as people started to leave and alcohol was being consumed by ourselves, as well as some of the people around us I started to not enjoy myself as much. However now I look back on it, it was just me being sober and not in the frame of mind to be around people I don’t know… As well as horny perverts! Other than that I had a good night and I can’t wait to go out next!



Dress – Only at Republic.

Tights – Primark.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Coat on bed – Boohoo.

My friends have started to call me Gnome after wearing this outfit, which is rather embarrassing as I think it’s look so kitsch and cute!

I wore this with my Dr Martens boots and my houndstooth coat (as you can see), however I had considered wearing my navy boyfriend cardigan and my red cape but I thought it was a bit much for drinks so I left it. I will be teaming this outfit with those  next time though!

I’m the  type of person where if I want to wear something bright and different I won’t think twice about it and these tights are included! They’re a mustard yellow, which in itself is rather bright and in your face so when I’ve worn them out I have wondered if people will stare and point but I like to think of it as, “I won’t see you again so whatever!”

If you ever think twice about wearing something different out, don’t! If you like it and think you look good then wear it out, there are so many fashions every season that people avoid wearing due to this and you SHOULD, if it’s been designed and you like it, then wear it and do what makes you happy.

Just a bit of a positive message from me for this evening. 😉

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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