What I wore (November 4th 2012)

I haven’t done a what I wore for a month and I’ve missed doing them so much! Apart from stuff going on I’ve also been too busy and rushed to take any pictures of my camera has been dead during November due to Lostprophets and Evanescence gigs to attend. But there will be more of these throughout December and in the new year I’ll be using my digital SLR for future what I wore posts, so better quality pictures in more places!

So I went shopping again in Birmingham with my friend Poppy for the day and I loved it, I spent much more money than I was supposed to but sod it, you only live once and I love everything that I bought.




Dress – Select.

Tights – Next (free in Company Magazine).

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Penguin – Present from my Dad.

First of all please excuse the odd colour and quality of the pictures, I forgot to turn the night mode off on my camera from when I’d gone to see Lostprophets three nights previous so that’s why they’ve got the weird orangey colour about them. Also excuse the penguin, I love penguins to bits and my Dad bought me that plush back from London on New Years Day this year. I love it to bits and I’ve cuddled it so much the past year that it’s gone all floppy… That sounds wrong. Moving on!

I love this peter pan dress, I bought it a few years ago just before the trend kicked off and everyone was forever asking me where I bought it from. I’d love another peter pan dress as this one is really thin and isn’t exactly warm during the winter unless it’s layered up really well!

I decided to wear wine coloured tights with this as I thought it made a change from the standard black, or any other colour for that matter. I loved wearing this outfit and I’ll definitely wear it again soon!

I think I wore my creepers with this outfit, if not it might have been my Dr Martens boots, I can’t for the life of me remember!

I’ve missed doing what I wore posts, there WILL be more!



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