What I wore (11th December 2012)

I loved the outfit I wore yesterday, even though it did look rather skinhead, teddy boy and masculine, but who cares I was warm and I think I looked great! As well as feeling and looking great yesterday I sadly discovered that my first pair of brothel creepers had seen their last outing with me,, as they now have holes in the bottoms of them. As I was walking down my road towards the bus stop I noticed my feet started to get wet, I thought they were just cold but after a while the whole of the front of my foot was soaked and I had to shamefully walk back home to put my Dr Martens boots on, which kept my feet toasty all day.

However I now own a new pair of creepers so I can’t be sad anymore. I love my creepers and I find that I can wear them with anything, especially as I class them as flats. Anyhoo on with what I wore yesterday!



Shirt – Republic.

Skinny fits – Blue Banana.

Rings – Skull from River Island, snake a present from my Mom.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Bag on bed – H! by Henry Holland.

I wore this outfit for me and one of my best friends to go Christmas shopping, we didn’t do as much as we intended but we did some and that’s better than nothing, right? We ended up buying two of our friends presents, snuggly Christmas jumpers, lingerie and other bits and bobs to wear for our best friends birthday tomorrow (Thursday).

I teamed this up with my navy military coat from Primark and as I mentioned at the start of this post, my Dr Martens boots. As I also mentioned I was toasty warm and didn’t even need to use my scarf that I’d popped into my bag. However I did need my gloves, was bitter cold!

Anyhoo that was my outfit, another one from today on its way so keep your eyes peeled. Hope your Christmas shopping is going better than mine and keep warm!


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