What I wore (12/12/12)

It has to be done, a post on 12/12/12! I went out today with my Dad to do some more Christmas shopping, once again I say shopping but we didn’t buy much… Just wrapping paper, cars and my replacement creepers. Oh and food because my fridge was BARE! I now have loads of food for work, as quite frankly I’m sick of eating the crap there.

I knew I wouldn’t be at the shops long so I didn’t really fancy dressing up, however I did want to wear my new jumper so I decided to team that up with a white vest underneath, instead of a shirt, which is something I will be wearing underneath this jumper in future. I love my Christmas jumper, I have it on right now and it’s so snug and warm. I could live in it!



Jumper – New Look.

Vest underneath – Select.

Skinny jeans – Select.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Bag on bed – H! by Henry Holland.

As I said before I’m still wearing my jumper now, It is heavenly and I encourage people to go out and buy themselves Christmas themed jumpers. They’re so damn ugly its beautiful! I’d been eying up this jumper for a while so I’m glad I finally have it now, I got it a size bigger than I am for comfort as well as for wearing shirts underneath it, an idea taken from my friend Laura.

I wore this with my checkered Van slip on sneakers, otherwise it would have been my creepers, which I bought a replacement pair of today for £16.99. Bargain eh?! I can’t wait to wear this jumper again.

Also as you can see my penguin made a special appearance again, I think he’ll be doing it more often in future. Once again keep warm and get those Christmas jumpers out!



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