Why hello there, long time no see! Well, I say long time, it’s only been a couple of weeks! So much has happened though since my last blog post and I have plenty to share with you. My best friend turned 23, I went to watch The Hobbit which I’m now in love with, Christmas happened and thus three days off work which were all spent in bed, I hit the shops to check out the sales (as well as online), I tried a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas on which I’m now craving a pair of and I’m now confused about what to do for the New Year.

But what this post is mostly about, are the sales! As we all know after Christmas everywhere that’s anywhere smart holds their sale and knocks half price and beyond off of their products. As soon as Christmas Day hit I was on my iPad searching for bargains. I found a few things but ordered two things, one of them being a sale item.

I headed to the sales with one of my friends after an early shift at work and had written down places and things I wanted to look for, only one of those said things was bought and found. I had the Jeffrey Campbell Litas on that list BUT the ones I wanted were only in the sale on Office’s website, but that being said I still wanted to try them on before buying them. They fit amazingly and my shoes felt like they were in heaven! I went straight to the eBay app on my phone to order to be met with my size not in the sale anymore. Disappointed was not the word, I was pissed off and pretty sad.

However I did find something to make up for not being able to get the Litas. I was on the hunt for a perfume set and the ones I aimed for were Thierry Mugler Alien or Angel or Marc Jacobs Dot. I ended up leaving with a 25ml refill bottle of Angel in a cute little bow-shaped box. The box included the 25ml refill star EDP (of course!), a shower gel and a body lotion, all for £37.99. A complete bargain if you ask me, seeing as the star alone sells for £49.99!

As well as this I picked up a jacket I’d seen on Urban Outfitters sale online. I grabbed the last one in the shop, a size bigger maybe even two bigger than I would usually go for. It cost me £27.00 and was worth every penny! Here’s a picture of it from the UO’s website:

This will look amazing during the spring, summer and autumn months with pretty much anything, especially some black skinny fits, brogues and a white shirt. Very teddy boy and with a simple roll up of the sleeves it adds an even more feminine touch. All it needs now is a brooch.

I don’t think I picked anything else up to be honest, purely for the fact that the shops were rammed and I couldn’t be bothered for the bitchy girls grabbing anything that looked relitively nice and expensive with a decent price on. I’m going to keep looking on the internet (as I have been) and if I see anything and have the spare cash, I’ll order.

I ordered two things online over the course of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, one of them arrived this morning.

The sale Iron Fist have going on is amazing! I wanted to order loads from there but I was being sensible and good and just ordered myself a vest. It was reduced from £24.99 to £10.00, so whilst it wasn’t as much as a saving as my Angel perfume, I’m still happy with how much I paid for it. Here’s a picture of the vest:

Iron Fist are amazing for their alternative clothing and I’ve been buying their pieces for years. I’ll be rocking this throughout the summer and for nights out with shorts and of course my creepers.

The last thing I’ve bought in the sales was a bag from Accessorize. When me and my best friend visited Stratford Upon Avon for the second time this year back in August I saw this cute bag in the shop window, but at £40 I put it down and left it. However I found it in their sale for £20 and ordered straight away.  Yes I don’t need a new bag but this one has cute foxes on it and I’ve grown a huge love for them since buying my fox wallet for my birthday at the beginning of the year. Here’s a picture of it from the website, it hasn’t arrived yet:

I forgot how huge this bag is, but as I wanted to look in Accessorize for a purse the other day I thought I’d have another reminder of it and show my friend at the same time. You can fit your life in there! I don’t know what I’ll be using this for… Probably trips to see my friend Gabz and when I go shopping. It’ll definitely be used, I’m getting rather bored of using my backpack and H! satchel, I fancy a change.

Well then, that’s all I’ve bought in the sales! I also ordered  myself a new diary for 2013, but I didn’t really save much, just a couple of quid.

I hope to find more, I’m rather disappointed in the sales this year, but fingers crossed I can get some cheap Litas, I really want a pair for nights and days out during 2013!

What did you pick up nice in the sales? Let me know in a comment!

As well as that I hope all my readers and followers had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it), I know mine wasn’t exactly wonderful, but I always wish happy times to others. ^_^



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