December favourites

After what seemed like a quick year we have finally come to the last monthly favourites of 2012! There will be plenty here after November being rather quiet so brace yourselves for a long post.

MAC Lipstick in Lickable (cremesheen).

After my friend Poppy informed me early in December about Debenhams online having MAC on sale I just HAD to treat myself to another one of their lipsticks. I love my MAC Rebel (satin) and have been yearning for another one of their lipsticks ever since. However I wasn’t sure which to buy so had a good look around Tempalia’s blog and found that Lickable had been what I was looking for. A gorgeous pink lipstick with blue undertones and a bit of pink shimmer, but that doesn’t really show up on the lips much. I haven’t been able to stop wearing this over the Christmas period and wore it on New Years Eve/Day. This is definitely in my four top favourite lipsticks and I’ll be buying more MAC in 2013!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk.

Due to the cold weather and lots of nights out with friends I’ve had to make sure my skin stays smooth and pretty, without this stuff it wouldn’t be possible. Not only does this lotion make my skin lovely and soft it also smells amazing! It smells of yogurt and honey, which is just a small part of what it contains. Due to this lotion being a milk texture it absorbs into your skin really quickly and is definitely a lotion to try if you don’t have much time to pop something soothing on your skin of a morning. I would like to try to moisture my skin more throughout 2013, as I often skip doing this due to wanting plenty of sleep before work. It takes me less than 10 minutes to pop this on all over and I love it. It smells amazing, makes me feel amazing and its lasting ages! I recommend this to anyone.

Wilkinson Juicy Fruity Shower Cream in Lemon.

I picked this shower gel up just so I could have something cheap and cheerful to use in the mornings before work to wake me up a little. I have my Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash but I don’t want to use this all the time, it wasn’t exactly cheap and sometimes the alcoholic smell can make me feel a little sick. For a £1 I’m so glad I bought this shower cream as it’s really soothing, smells amazing and does the job of waking me up no matter what time of day! The past week I’ve had hangover after hangover and it really did give me that kick to wake me up a little more. Will be buying this again in future and trying more of their range.

Butter London Lippy in Fiddlesticks (however I do also have the nail lacquer).

I snapped this set up on a cheeky purchase from TK Maxx whilst Christmas shopping for my friends and for £9.99 for the two I just couldn’t resist! I’ve never owned a Butter London nail lacquer before and Fiddlesticks is perfect for winter, so the lippy being with it just made it a bonus! It’s definitely not a “lippy” though, it’s actually a lip gloss but boy does it pack a punch! It reminds me of the lip glosses that Estée Lauder sell, their packaging is exactly the same, the stickiness of the gloss and even the scent. The lip gloss is a gorgeous light purple/dark pink colour and reminds me of Rebel by MAC. This has lots of glitter in it which varies from purples to pinks and looks great on its own or over a lipstick, as mentioned it goes great with Rebel. I’ve been wearing this to work a lot lately as it lasts ages and it feels great on my lips, even when they’ve been a little sore. The only flaw? That I can’t stand the smell of the stuff when hungover! Butter London’s products are something I’ll be buying more of in 2013 too and I’ll be looking out for more of their lip glosses when I go shopping tomorrow.

Chance by Chanel (EDP).

I’ve had this perfume quite a while now after my Mom randomly bought it for me whilst we were out shopping a while ago. It smells divine and is by far one of my favourite perfumes. In the past I’ve worn this when trying to impress or if I fancy smelling great as well as looking it. Due to the festive season I wore this quite a lot on nights out, especially New Years Eve/Day. It has a wonderful warm smell to it which works throughout the winter and the summer. I have the cute little 45ml bottle so it fits in my handbag on nights out, which I love! Will more than likely wear this for my birthday this year too.

Miss Sporty Hollywood Lip Gloss in Rodeo Drive.

I purchased this as well as a few other little bits from Miss Sporty and after swatching this shade on the back of my hand I realised that it is EXACTLY the same shade as a lip gloss I owned when I was a teenager. I think it was by Rimmel, but I have a feeling it might have been Miss Sporty, anyhoo I bought it half price in an end of line sale from Boots and fell in love with it, however when I went back to purchase another they were all gone. I couldn’t find out what the name of the brand was or the shade either as it had rubbed off of the tube due to me using it so much. I vowed never to use it again until I found a dupe for it, but I never did and nearly 10 years later I’ve finally found one and I’m not letting it go this time round. The colour is gorgeous, a pinky red with red and pink shimmer. I wear this to work a lot when I want a pop of colour and it lasts ages too, even though it doesn’t hurt to top it up. I’ll be wearing the hell out of this during 2013!

Yankee Candle in Red Velvet.

As soon as I heard about this Yankee Candle being released I knew I needed to buy it to burn as soon as possible, but due to my sensitive throat lately (having a sore throat every month throughout 2011-2012 wasn’t nice…) I’ve had to watch out with Yankee Candles, so buying samplers to try first is always a must. I burnt the sampler and within two days it was gone and with no sore throat visible I treated myself to this beauty, burning it as soon as I got home. I burnt this throughout Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, my room smelt like a bakery and even in the summer this candle will be burnt. It’s amazing and if you haven’t had chance to smell it yet, I suggest you do so as soon as possible!

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (PS3 version).

After finally completing Lego Harry Potter Years 5-8 on my PS3 100%, I decided it was time for another Lego game and went for this one, as I’ve 100% on the first Lego Batman game. This one isn’t like all the others so far, which whilst you have a free world to roam (Harry Potter has Hogwarts, Batman has the Batcave and Arkham Asylum) this Batman game has the whole of Gotham city to run around, which I can tell you is HUGE! You need one of Batman or Robin’s vehicles to get around in less than ten minutes, this reminds me of GTA, which I like! The levels are very long, which I’m not used to and after playing a couple of them I have to turn the game off just to take a break. That being said I love the game, it’s adorable and I love playing the game as Superman already, I can’t wait to be able to start playing as Wonder Woman and Green Lantern mind! Oh and the baddies, they’re always my favourites. If you like Batman you’ll LOVE this game, no one can hate Lego. Oh and another thing that’s different in this Lego game than the ones before it, the characters speak whereas before they were all mute, which I miss but it adds a nice touch.

So those were my favourites for December and thus a new year begins with new favourites! This year I’ll be doing things different with my monthly favourites, but you’ll have to wait and see how they’ll be done.

For now enjoy the rest of your week and see you soon!



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