January wish list

Like any woman (or beauty blogger from what I’ve seen) I’m forever wanting things, no matter what price. I know plenty of bloggers who I follow who write their wish lists every month or so and I thought I’d join the bandwagon and give it a go.

I usually do my “things I want” posts but I think doing this every month would make a nice change, especially for the New Year.

January Wish List

  • Fox purse – Accessorize £8.00.

I saw this purse when I was looking through the Accessorize website on their sale. I fell in love with it, it would be great to pop into my smaller bags that won’t fit my wallet into them for days and nights out. I love foxes so much so this is perfect!

  • Criminal Damage skinny fit jeans in Wine – Blue Banana £27.99.

Only a few hours before writing this post did I have a nose on Blue Banana’s website for some new skinny fit jeans and found these beauties. They’re lovely and perfect for winter as well as summer. They’ll go perfect with my Doc Martens and a baggy navy jumper. Think I’ll have to have a look for them when I go shopping next.

  • Valentines matte gloss in Suedeberry – Lime Crime $16.99 (£10.56).

Every once in a while I’ll check out the Lime Crime website to have a look at their lipsticks but I never really see much, until recently with the Valentines matt glosses. They’re beautiful! Go on like a gloss, look like a matte lipstick, what  more could you ask for? I went to order this last night but left it, their delivery charges are rather expensive and I can’t really afford it right now. This will be a purchase made in future when I feel really down and need a pick me up.

  • Iron Fist wishbone sequined dress – Iron Fist 25.99, down from £51.99.

Saw this dress in November and was going to order it from eBay for a fraction of the original price for my work Christmas party… Which I didn’t go to in the end. I saw this on Christmas Day in the sale and have been in two minds whether to order it or not. It looks gorgeous and would be great to wear during the summer with some boots, flats and my biker jacket. Might order this when I have spare cash.

  • Hamble Oak black patent brogues – Clarks £54.99.

I saw this months ago, back in September to be precise and fell in love. I would have bought them there and then as I had the money but I decided to wait until Christmas for them to hit the sales. To my disappointment, they haven’t and they’re still full price online AND in store. I’m going to buy them when the weather brightens up. The skinny fit jeans I posted earlier would look great with these. Can never resist a patent pair of brogues!

  • Mr Fox X body bag – Accessorize £25.00.

Just saw this bag as I was starting to write this post and it is incredibly cute! In two minds about it due to the fact it doesn’t have a zip on the inside, but I’d wear this so much throughout the summer for nights out and days out with friends. Didn’t I tell you I love foxes, didn’t I?

  • Hunter original pearlescent wellies in Green – Hunter £89.00.

FleurDeForce recieved these wellies for Christmas from her parents, which she spoke about briefly in one of her recent videos. I fell in love with the straight away when she showed them to people and I just need them in my life. I haven’t owned a pair of wellies since I was a child and I want something to keep my feet dry this summer and winter so I think I’ll be either buying these with my own money or keeping my fingers crossed that I receive them as a late Christmas/birthday present from my Dad.

  • Vans authentic shoes in black – Vans £47.00.

Everyone seems to be wearing these lately, especially since the summer. However I don’t want these to wear in my spare time, I want them for work. I’m going to see if they’re sturdy enough and such before I pay the near £50 price tag as I don’t want to waste my money. Fingers crossed they’ll be okay! My work shoes have split down the middle so I definitely need some new ones before I go back at the end of the week.

So those are all the things on my wish list for this month, fingers crossed I can get some of them, I’ll let you know in next months wish list how I got on!



2 thoughts on “January wish list

  1. Naaaaat I have both the purse and the bag in this post, in the owl variety 🙂 as if I wouldnt haha. I defintely say GO FOR THE BAG!!! the top bit of the face, the flappy bit is really sturdy and wider than the rest so there is no danger of anything falling out/ being stolen. once the popper is shut its completely secure 🙂 Pop xxxxxxxxx

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