Snow day! Plus a mini update

As most people know who own a window, it’s snowing in the UK at the moment. I woke up at 10am after 5 hours sleep to check it out, tons of the stuff! I’ve had my curtains open all day watching the snow fall. It’s so beautiful.

20130118-034805 PM.jpg

As beautiful as it looks it’s also rather annoying, I needed to go get some new work shoes, a few things from Sainsbury’s and I needed to pop into work to find out what time I need to be there Sunday. However I will try and get some new work shoes tomorrow, same with Sainsbury’s and I’ve text some people from work about my hours so I have those now, hooray!

As well as that I ordered myself a Spirithood on Wednesday night and that was supposed to arrive today, but due to the snow it has been delayed. Would have been perfect to wear in this weather too! Fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow or Monday.

Will be posting about my Spirithood as soon as I get it as I’ve been wanting one since September 2012, which in theory doesn’t seem too long ago but it was long enough for me. Everyone I talk to via Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr have one or were getting them for Christmas and I was insanely jealous, but no more. Watch this space over the next week for a post about it.

So, due to the snow I am staying in bed all day watching the snow out of the window. As well as this I have my Sicilian Lemon Yankee Candle burning, it smells heavenly. Since 10am I’ve been having a Jackass marathon, I’m currently on Jackass Number Two on. I had (I think) an hour nap earlier and had a dream that I went into work to get my hours and found out I had next week off due to the snow (I wish!) but somehow I ended up in Bam Margera’s purple Lamborghini and we were driving around with the hood down. Was great but eventually I realised I needed to wake u or I wouldn’t at all. I needed the nap!

I’m writing this post up on my iPad, I’ve not done it before so I hope it turns out okay! It best do as I want to write another post on here in a bit.

Right I’m going to continue watching Jackass and get this post written up, have a good snow day all!

20130118-042337 PM.jpg


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