I’ve turned into a Mystic Wolf (SpiritHoods review!)

I mentioned a few weeks back whilst we were having all our snow about the SpiritHood I ordered and I’m pretty sure I expressed  my excitement for it!

Well it finally arrived a few Tuesday’s back and I haven’t stopped wearing it since then, I’m so happy with it and I don’t regret how much I paid either.

I first heard about SpiritHoods back in September 2012 when I was browsing through Temporary Secretary’s blog, I love her fashion posts and couldn’t help but be drawn to her post about SpiritHoods. The SpiritHood she has on is a wolf one, which I fell in love with for a few reasons. I love wolves, I love the print that she has inside her hood and it’s all for a good cause!

I’ve liked SpiritHoods UK page on Facebook and the day I ordered my SpiritHood was the same day they announced their sale on the UK website. I jumped straight onto my iPad to browse which hoods were in the sale and decide which one I would order. I didn’t really get anything for my birthday this year so I decided I’d treat myself.

After looking for a while I finally decided to get the Mystic Wolf hood with HB3 tech. This  means it has headphones inside the hood, so I can listen to my music whilst keeping warm! However I love the sound that my beats earphones give me so I’ll probably still continue to use those, I’ll see how I feel though.

The hood was in the sale for £69, down from £99. Now a lot of people would say I was mad for paying this much, but I had wanted it for months and I knew I wouldn’t find one this cheap again and if I do I’ll probably buy that one too! I know I haven’t had this one long but I already want another one!

Righto I think it’s time to show it off!

Spirithood 008

Mystic Wolf

Powerful Fierce Clairvoyant

Mystic Wolves are messengers of truth and travelers between worlds. They are highly aware beings, able to see through facades, and travel the darkness unscathed. Those with this spirit exude a confidence that can be seen and felt.

Spirithood 009

Spirithood 011

The paws on this hood are amazing and are often photographed by people who own a SpiritHood. They have the SpiritHood logo on the palm so you’ll know if you have a genuine one. As well as that, they have a texture that has some sort of grip too it, great when walking on a moving bus!

Spirithood 014

My hood has a gorgeous knitted inside to it which is black and white and a sort of Aztec/fair isle pattern which is lovely as well as fashionable for winter!

Of course can’t have a picture of a SpiritHood without a picture of me wearing it.

Spirithood 023

My Mom was lovely enough to take pictures for my blog, however we took more than we planned and this one turned out the best I think. It shows the full hood as well as how warm I look wrapped up in it. Apologies for looking tired, I hadn’t long been home from work and I’m pretty shattered after 6 days in a row!


A little selfie I took the day it arrived. Has to be done and I added an Instagram filter onto it to make it look a little prettier. ^_^

This is what SpiritHoods have about the Mystic Wolf hood on their website:

Play music everywhere your SpiritHood goes! Just plug-in your mp3 player or phone to the cord in the pocket and hear your favorite music through the speakers in your hood. Sewn into the hood are built-in washable speakers, yes you can wash them 🙂 Works with most mp3 players and mobile phones, speakers are not removable and should not be put in dryer.

The hood itself is so toasty and warm you don’t want to take it off! I wore it out when we had the snow and it was amazing, it was heart breaking having to take it off to walk inside a shopping centre, but I hung the hood behind my hood, just  like you would do with a hoodie or a coat with a hood on it, keeping the paws hanging down still. Or you can just take it off, your choice really. I got some weird looks walking around but I wasn’t bothered, I was warm at the end of the day!

Like the hood, the scarf and mittens part of the hood are also warm and kept my hands toasty as I walked to more shops and back to the car.

The fur does malt a little bit but not enough to bother me and a simple roll over my coat and clothes with a lint brush sorts it out. The fur on this is fake, nothing real whatsoever! That being said the fake fur is lovely and soft and even resting it against your body it makes you warm. I have it on my lap right now and my thigh is really warm, can’t complain!

On the scarf part of the hood it has a pocket on the left hand side where the headphone socket is for the headphones, as well as a pocket to stash your iPod, phone, etc. I’ll be keeping my lip balm in here as I’m forever using it when out, especially in this cold weather! Will be great to keep bus and gig tickets in too in future.

On the right eat there’s a little loop that you can stick feathers or even an earring through to make the hood look that little bit more tribal. I intend to buy a blue feather earring soon to stick through the loop to make it look a little bit more funky. You can buy feathers from SpiritHoods website but I think they’re a bit pricey and plus I want one I like, I don’t like the ones they have (they only have three).

When I was wearing my hood it reminded me of something you would see native red indian americans wearing in Western films and I love that, SpiritHoods are doing something so unique and everyone loves it, including celebrities! I know Jared Leto loves the brand and has even created his own hood to sell.

So for £69 I am in LOVE with my hood and I don’t regret paying the price I did, I saved £30 which doesn’t seem like a lot but it does to me when I wanted one for three months.

I hope you liked this post and if you have a SpiritHood why don’t you share which one you have? I love looking at people all toasty and warm in their hoods, as well as seeing which ones they own.



SpiritHoods are also availavle from ASOS.

Also there will be LOADS of future what I wore posts with my SpiritHood featured in them so keep your eyes peeled.

I apologise if the pictures I took aren’t too great, there will be more of this hood very soon.

Hope you all enjoyed the snow whilst we had it and I also hope you had a great weekend!

Toodle pip.



5 thoughts on “I’ve turned into a Mystic Wolf (SpiritHoods review!)

  1. Oh you look so cute<3
    my favorite so far is the Siberian snow leopard, but I will be getting my black cat in the mail soon, so excited for that one 🙂
    yours is just perfect, I love the liner and the fur looks so soft.

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