Instagram #2

Sorry this is late, it seems that I’ve been too busy at work to update these, but I won’t let it slip again! Apologies again. 😦

Instagram P 2

  • I had a Jackass marathon, I love Jackass so much!
  • Ate this whole box of Mikado, I didn’t mean to but they’re just so moorish!
  • Easter food is in the shops now and that means Mini Eggs! I love them!
  • Blueberry Red Bull is amazing but the only place I can find it is at work. 😦
  • Lego Pippin from Lord of the Rings, he’s my favourite. I found this on Amazon, was going to order but I left it.
  • Sunset at work was beautiful.
  • Necklace my friend Laura bought me back from Ireland for my birthday, I love it and wear it whenever I can now.
  • Before I went out clubbing, I was freezing and put my Russian hat on.
  • DoA 5! I love Dead or Alive, best fighting game ever.
  • My collection of Company magazines since 2008/2009 until today.
  • Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire nail polish. One of my favourites.
  • Bailey’s caramel hot chocolate.
  • The Hunter wellies I so desperately want.
  • Was feeling down in the dumps watching TV.

Keep your eyes peeled for #3 and #4!



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