Instagram #3

Instagram P 3

  • View by the shops, it was a lovely afternoon.
  • My friend Bushra bought me a piece of red velvet cake (favourite cake!) from Cafe Nero as a late birthday cake. Was lovely!
  • We bought some yummy drinks from a pretzel place in town.
  • Cute Hello Kitty plasters from Poundland.
  • Night out with my best friend Hannah, this photo was one of the ones taken inside.
  • My SpiritHood!
  • Snow in the garden.
  • Lovely snow!
  • Getting everything together to bake some muffins.
  • Baking!
  • Out they come!
  • They were delicious.
  • Picture removed, sorry all.
  • Lemon sherbet and rhubarb and custard sparkling drink from M&S. They’re both disgusting and I don’t recommend them. 😦
  • Candy canes from Cybercandy. They’re amazing!
  • A Snoopy game I have on my iPad enables you to take pictures with Snoopy and the gang, cute eh?
  • Woodstock!

That was pretty much my week off of work! It involved lots of days in bed, eating yummy food and more days in bed. 😛



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