Instagram #4

I haven’t taken many pictures on Instagram this past week due to being too busy at work, but that kind of makes editing these together a little easier. 😉

Instagram P 4

  • My SpiritHood arrived!
  • I bought some yummy lip balms from Home Bargains, both less than a £1 each. The Pepsi one is amazing.
  • Got this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hoodie for £10, down from £29.99 from Sports Direct. It’s a mans but who cares. 😛
  • Also bought myself a Lonsdale sports bra from Sports Direct. Need to get back into shape!
  • I want this dress so much. 😦
  • Also like this, the print is beautiful.
  • Tired and bored after my early shift at work, watched Wanderlust on Sky Movies.
  • Picture removed.
  • Red Velvet Krispy Kreme for Valentines Day. It was amazing, will be having another Saturday. 😛
  • New profile picture.
  • Picture my Mom took of me earlier on our mini blog post shoot. Bless her, she loved my Nikon!

I love all these pictures, shows how busy I’ve been though seeing as I haven’t taken as many.

Look forward to seeing what #5 brings!



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