January empties

For a while now I’ve seen various blogs I follow and read do a monthly post about this, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon! I often use a few products up a month and I like to think that you can get a better review about some products once they’re used up.

I didn’t use up a whole lot this month but I can see me using up quite a bit next month, just have a hunch!


  • Morrisons Ultra Care Mouthwash

I needed a mouthwash that wouldn’t irritate my gums like the one before it had been doing, so I snapped this up. I can’t remember the price but I don’t think it was much, possibly less than a £1. It’s for sensitive teeth and gums and was a pretty pink colour. This didn’t hurt my mouth at all and I could swish this stuff around my mouth for ages (that’s what she said!) without feeling any discomfort. I used this everyday after brushing my teeth in the morning and it made my mouth feel super fresh and squeaky clean! For how cheap this was I will be buying again, however I don’t know when I’ll be popping to Morrisons next, it’s a rare occurrence these days.

  • Wilkinson Fruity Lemon Shower Cream

I’ve mentioned this in a previous favourites video (December maybe…) and I will definitely be repurchasing this! I bought it in Wilkinson’s 2 for £1.50 alongside one of their hand soaps. It’s normally a £1.00 on it’s own, it’s so good I would pay the full price for it! It smells just like a freshly cut lemon and reminds me of lemon meringue. This means the lemon scent is rather strong and it lingers on your skin for a while after use, which I had no problem with whatsoever. That being said this shower cream is great for in the mornings and I found it woke me up whenever I had to be up for my early shifts at work. It creates a fluffy lather and makes your skin feel really soft. I can’t wait to buy this again, I’m kind of missing having it to reach for whenever I have to be up at 5am!

  • Wilkinson Fruity Citrus Shower Cream

Another one of Wilkinson’s shower creams! I bought this one when I needed to repurchase the hand wash I previously bought with the lemon shower cream. Sad to say I won’t be repurchasing this one, why? Because I can’t stand the smell of it for a start. This is meant to wake you up in the morning with its citrus scent, I don’t feel there is anything citrus about this shower gel at all. It smells more like an orange, which I have no problem with but it just isn’t something I wish to smell of in the morning. I used this in a bath however on one occasion and I enjoyed it. I would repurchase the scent in a bubble bath, but not a shower gel. Other than that like the lemon shower cream it does lather up beautifully and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Just the scent isn’t really my thing.

  • Superdrug Purifying Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

Since the New Year started I’ve decided to start doing a once a week face mask to show my skin some love. I wanted to try some of Superdrug’s face masks after using one years ago when I was nineteen and it made my skin all beautiful and such! I have sensitive skin mind and have to watch when using face masks. This one was alright but I found a day or two later it broke me out, which I wasn’t very happy about. That being said too this face mask did seem to feel like it was burning my skin, which all peel-off masks seem to do. I don’t know if that’s my sensitive skin or the way these masks are meant to be. Either way I might give this another go and see how it is. It felt lovely when I was peeling it off and my skin looked subtle and perky, which I liked. Superdrug do a great offer on their face masks which are 4 for the price of 3! Definitely a saving so pop down to Superdrug and check out their face masks sometime soon!

That’s all the products I used this month, I know it isn’t many but I assure you it should be more next month! What did you use up this month? Let me know in the comments down below!



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