February wish list

Last month I brought you the first wish list of the year and I’m glad to say I’m writing up another!

I didn’t buy anything from my January wish list, which of course is a shame but some of the things on that list are staying on my list of things to buy, which is tucked safely into my favourite notebook.

However with this months wish list I can see me buying the  majority of what is on here, you’ll soon find out!

February Wish List

  • Glamourous studded biker jacket – Republic £45.00, originally £60.00.

I spotted this when I was out shopping on Tuesday and I fell in love straight away. It’s not real leather but damn does it feel like it! It’s lovely soft fake leather and the studs are rounded so not irritating if you catch anything on them. I was going to try it on but I was in a hurry and thought I was going back to it later to have another look. I intend to try this on either tomorrow before I head to Wolverhampton or on Tuesday when I go with my best friend for a shopping and doughnut date. I’ve wanted a studded biker jacket for years and bought my biker jacket back in March 2012 alongside some cheap studs to DIY but I chickened out. For £45.00 this jacket is beautiful ad I’ve been saving up lately so I deserve a treat. It’ll be great to wear in the summer with a white vest top, tartan skirt, Dr Martens and dark lipstick. Very Sex Pistols punk!

  • Skeleton hand bracelet/ring – eBay/Etsy prices vary.

I’ve noticed these quirky and cute accessories all over grunge Tumblr blogs and I’ve wanted one for a while but never knew where to look, so during my holiday from work mid January I decided to have a mooch on eBay to see if anyone was selling any. I was lucky and found a UK seller selling them for less than £10 with free P&P. I think it looks so different and cool and if anyone knows me, that’s the type of fashion I tend to go for. I love standing out and I love mixing grunge with vintage and heritage so this will be perfect to add to my collection of skull and snake rings. I think I’ll order this soon, I want it to wear on nights out.

  • Archie’s Girls lipstick in Boyfriend Stealer – MAC £TBC.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m super excited for the Archie’s Girls collection! I don’t as of yet own any MAC lipsticks or lipglasses from a MAC collection, but that WILL be changing this year! I’m very excited for this lipstick as it’s a cremesheen and has been described as a deep blackened plum. It’s been compared to Rebel lipstick by MAC, which I own so I like this news. I would order this online as soon as it’s available in the UK but I want to go and try it on before I buy it incase it’s too dark. Nothing worse than buying something that doesn’t suit you!

  • Archie’s Girls lipglasses in Strawberry Malt and Mall Madness – MAC £TBC.

Another two pieces from the Archie’s Girls collection. I’ve never purchased or owned any lipglasses by MAC but there’s a first for everything eh? Strawberry Malt is gorgeous and is described as a bright red, although on swatches on various blogs it looks link a pinky red. Either way it’s gorgeous and I need it in my life! Mall Madness I’m rather fond of as it’s a mid-tone pink violet which I think would look fabulous over majority of lipsticks I own. That being said I’ll have to see with this lipglass as I’m not 100% sure. I think I’d wear it for a work a lot as it’s more shimmer than pigment and would be wearable without looking heavy. I’ve heard that lipglasses from MAC are really sticky and long wearing, which is what I need for work lately! So excited for this collection and I KNOW I’m not on my own!

  • Chocomania body scrub – The Body Shop £6.25 originally £12.00.

I bought the Chocomania gift set after Christmas in the sales for £10 and I don’t regret it as I wouldn’t have discovered this amazing product! I have a tiny pot of this scrub and a little really does go a long way. I use it in the shower or the bath once a week (on a Sunday) and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Not meaning to go into too much information but my bum and thighs feel silky smooth that I can’t help but just stroke my thighs afterwards. At the moment The Body Shop have knocked 50% off of their Chocomania and Strawberry products for Valentines Day, which to me is a God send as both these scents are my favourites. I feel sorry for my bank account.

  • Strawberry shower gel/cream 750ml – The Body Shop £6.00 originally £12.00.

From a very young age I have loved this shower gel/cream but the flaw is I don’t buy it often enough to keep remembering those childhood memories. I remember my Mom and I would go into The Body Shop and she would buy me all those pearl bath melts in all sorts of scents that I enjoyed and they lasted aggges! On one occasion we bought a huge bottle of the strawberry shower gel and a bottle of (I think) orange or satsuma shower gel. The strawberry one was used everyday before school and I just remember how happy it made me feel. A few years ago I popped into The Body Shop and picked up a sample of the shower gel to try again and the scent hasn’t changed. All the memories came flooding back and since then I said I would buy another bottle. However I haven’t, but things are about to change! I can’t resist missing 50% off, so I’ll be buying this Tuesday me thinks.

  • Chocomania shower cream 250ml – The Body Shop £2.00 originally £4.00.

Another Chocomania and shower product I have my eyes set on. I also got the shower cream in the set I bought and I love it, however it doesn’t seem to be lasting as long as I was hoping it would and I’ve only used it a couple of times too. I’d love this to use on special occasions as I love the smell of chocolate and whilst some people I know have commented saying they feel this scent is artificial, I think it’s spot on! I’m going to see how I feel with this, but I can see me buying it, I can’t miss 50% off and I get through shower products rather quickly due to showering all the time.

So those are what I’m hoping to obtain this month! There are rumours that the Archie’s Girls collection will be out in the UK 7th February, I damn well hope so as I want to get my mucky paws on those lip products. As well as this the 50% sale on Chocomania and strawberry products at The Body Shop ends either 14th February or just after Valentines Day. So go and have a look and see what bargains you can snap up!

See you guys soon for my January favourites, but until then what do you have on your wish lists this month? Let me know in the comments!


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