Instagram #5

Oh dear pictures seem to be getting lower and lower on my Instagram since working so much. Hopefully it’ll improve soon! Here’s last weeks pictures, sorry it’s a bit late.

Instagram P 5

  • Having a cold bottle/glass of Hooch before going shopping. I think I tried this when I was a kid but otherwise this was the first time trying. It’s lovely!
  • Koala Spirithood, wanted it even though I haven’t had my Mystic Wolf one long!
  • My new work shoes, I love brogues.
  • Wrapped up warm in my snowman blanket and wearing my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hoodie.
  • Some weird personage got to my blog by searching something weird…
  • Making pancakes for the family.
  • I saw Morris Moss from IT Crowd on the train! 😐
  • My New Years Eve/Day scar in a bath full of bubbles!


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