30 facts about Natalee

At the moment there are LOADS of “facts about me” posts going around the blogger world and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon after seeing Poppy’s 30 facts about post. I loved reading hers and I hope you enjoy mine too. 🙂

  1. I love my best friend very much. I’ve known her since we were four years old and although we didn’t talk for a couple of years we’ve made up for lost time and ensure to never let it happen again. That’s a picture of her kissing me by the way. Halloween 2011 FYI.
  2. I’ve never had a fringe, ever! You won’t find any baby or child pictures of me with one as my Mom never allowed it to happen and I’m glad quite frankly.
  3. This will be my first post to go live via my new laptop, which I received in the post on Thursday. It’s by HP and it’s red, funky.
  4. Up until finishing university in 2011 I’d taken drama as a subject since the age of five years old, that’s nearly twenty years of pretending to be someone I’m not.
  5. I’ve been through the embarrassing phases of being a goth, an emo kid, a scene kid, a chav and a skater. Now I’m just me and I don’t like to label myself to any stereotype.
  6. Even though my blog is partially to do with beauty (the other half being fashion) I only wear lipstick and lip gloss. When I was younger I used to wear eye make up all the time but since then I’ve grown out of it and like not wearing anything like that anymore. Why? Because I’m too lazy and I hate wearing make up as it makes me look like a drag queen.
  7. I was born with black hair, which is why my eyebrows are so dark. Over the years it’s been black, blonde, honey blonde, mousey brown and dark brown. Now it’s back to mousey brown and I hope it stays that way.
  8. I love Japanese anime, my favourites being Elfen Lied, Azumanga Daioh and Nana. I of course love Studio Ghibli movies, my favourite is Spirited Away.
  9. Back on the subject of Japan, I’ve only ever read one manga, which was Elfen Lied. I loved it and would love to own them but they’re hard to get hold of for a decent price.
  10. Dogs and puppies are like babies to me. I’ll feel broody for a puppy but never for a baby, puppies are just cuter and that little bit quieter… And cleaner.
  11. I have a terrible hatred for mushrooms. The smell of them being cooked makes me gag and on one occasion I did come home to the disgusting smell of fried mushrooms and had to be sick. Not just the smell of them being cooked, the texture when I tried them as a kid and also the way they look. Ugly!
  12. I’m a huge fan of Jackass, since it started I believe. When I was younger I was naughty and skipped school for the last two or three years and I spent my days working on my GCSE work and watching Viva La Bam and Jackass on MTV. Those days were bliss, even if I was being naughty.
  13. My first favourite band were Busted, I loved them so much. I was so obsessed that I bought any magazine they were in to keep their interviews and posters. I still have them kept away in a huge folder somewhere. P.S. I saw them live a couple of months before they split, I cried when I heard the news.
  14. A band I wish to see before I die are Daft Punk. I’ve loved their music since I was ten years old and every time they came out with something new I was there to listen to it ASAP. I hope I do get to see them live, they’re amazing.
  15. Wow halfway through this! If you’re still reading, I owe you some pancakes.
  16. I’m not allergic to anything but I do have very sensitive skin, which can cause terrible rashes if a product doesn’t like me.
  17. I dressed up as Lucy from Elfen Lied for Halloween 2010, someone thought I was Lady Gaga. I shouted at them and told them to go away.
  18. I don’t like Lady Gaga…
  19. I have some stupid fears and phobias. One being baked beans, I don’t want them near me, on my plate and especially not in my mouth, it makes me feel a little sick when I see people eating them. Another is Smurfs and I don’t know how this one came about but they freak me out. On nights out, whether or not it’s Halloween if I see someone dressed as a Smurf, I don’t want them near me.
  20. I have a terrible habit of pushing people away when something bad happens in my life. Whether it be falling out with someone, an argument or anything else, I like to be on my own for quite a while to think and have my own space. I’m currently doing this with my friends and it pains me to do it but I can’t help it, I used to be on my own so much as a kid that this is just “normal” for me now.
  21. The first time I removed hair from my legs was with wax, it killed but it was worth it!
  22. I’m a left-handed bass guitar player, cool huh?
  23. Even though I finished university back in 2011 with a 2:1 I really feel like I need to go back to university, I don’t know why. I’m thinking of doing a creative writing masters at Birmingham University.
  24. Of late I’ve grown to love Deadmau5 more and more since he released Album Title Goes Here. I’ve been listening to him since 2010 but only of late have I fell in love more and more.
  25. What I order at the bar? Double Cherry Sourz and coke and a Jagerbomb. Perfect night out when these two are involved.
  26. I would love to go on a cocktail making course. I watch cocktail videos all the time, my favourite YouTuber for this is TipsyBartender, check him out if you don’t know of him already.
  27. I’m such a neat freak it’s crazy, I get it from my Mom. If my room looks the slightest bit messy I must tidy it!
  28. I’m keeping a diary this year, it reminds me of Bridget Jones.
  29. I hope to one day work in an office for a fashion magazine, but I can’t see this happening anytime soon…
  30. Mmm what shall I end on?… Oh yeah, I’m going grey and I’m only 23! It started when I was 21…

Well those are my 30 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed them, I know I’ve enjoyed writing them. 😀

Share some facts about you in the comments!



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