MAC Archie’s Girls Collection – Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick review

As I mentioned in my February wish list that I had my eye on some of the items from the Archie’s Girls Collection from MAC and after having a look at the yesterday afternoon I decided to buy something. However upon looking and swatching at all the lipsticks and lipglasses I only seemed drawn towards this shade, Daddy’s Little Girl.

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MAC describe Daddy’s Little Girl as a mid-tone pink violet and it’s a satin finish. As well as the lipstick being beautiful, the packaging for the collection is cute and quirky, perfect for Valentines Day, especially if you don’t have a Valentine (like myself). The print on the packaging isn’t a sticker and isn’t going to scratch or rub off after time, which is great of course!

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The above pictures were taken with flash on as I didn’t feel like without it the colour was showing true to life. It’s a gorgeous light violet pink, which will look gorgeous on every skin tone.

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When I swatched and tried in on in MAC it reminded me of Rebel, which I own (and was also the first MAC lipstick I bought) but after talking with one of the lovely make up artists/sales assistants for a while and swatching both the products together (I wore Rebel that afternoon too) I realised that Rebel is darker than Daddy’s Little Girl, which is great as it means I can wear this to work with no problems.

I love satin lipsticks by MAC, they feel so creamy on my lips and last a really long time, especially when blotted. I wore this all day at work today and I only needed to apply a little whenever I went for my breaks and when I came home it was still on  my lips.

As well as this lipstick feeling and looking beautiful, it also smells and tastes yummy! As ever MAC lipstick lover knows, they smell like doughnuts. 😛

I’m so glad I purchased this lipstick, I was debating getting any of the collection at all after swatching everything, but changed my mind when I tried this one last.

For £15.50 and it being part of a collection I’ve been excited about for months, I’m so pleased that I bought this lipstick! I can’t wait to wear it all over again tomorrow, I still have it on now and it’s so creamy and gorgeous.

If you haven’t checked out the collection yet, head over to Selfridges as they’re selling the collection early at the moment and it’s also stocked in MAC stores within Selfridges, which is where I bought Daddy’s Little Girl from.

Super excited to head back there on Saturday with Poppy to check out the collection together!

P.S. apologies for no pictures of me wearing this, I took these pictures before I headed to work this afternoon and I was looking rather rushed. I shall get one in the near future!


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