A few new things on here…

Well I’ve got my mucky, creative paws on a copy of Photoshop earlier on this afternoon and since then I’ve gone photo editing crazy!

I knew as soon as I got a copy I would re create my header for my blog, as quite frankly I wasn’t liking my current one anymore. It was just boring and something that was alright for a while when I first started this blog in 2011, but since then my blog has become more and more popular and I needed something new, that showed what my blog and what I’m all about.

I hope that it does just that, I’m in love with the cute little tree in the middle of it with the cute little bird on the tree, the bird I added myself. As well as that I love the typewriter and the way the colours all work alongside my blog colours.

I’ve always been a fan of quirky label lettering, so when I was able to find a brush download for these, I jumped at the chance to get them! It looks so cool!

As well as making a new header, I’ve made myself a new footer! I didn’t mind my old one, but I felt I needed something cuter and I know I’ve managed to achieve that with my new one, which I’ve also used the label lettering on!

I hope you guys like them, I know I do!

*Insert new footer here*

Footer 1


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