What I wore (19th February 2013)

Oh my it’s been over two months since my last what I wore post, I can’t apologise enough for this. Reason being that I’ve been stuck at work, too busy to snap a quick picture before leaving the house or whenever I have taken photos they look terrible! Also the fact I am trying to break out of the habit of using my digital camera in my bedroom to use my digital SLR camera anywhere possible, especially outside!

So finally I bring you the first what I wore outside with gorgeous quality images taken on my SLR. Thanks to my Mom of course, as I haven’t quite worked out how to use the timer on my camera yet… Nor have I purchased a tripod yet. All in good time… Now onto the pictures!




T-shirt – New Look.

Skinny fit jeans – London Boy (brand sold at Blue Banana).

Ankle boots – Bronx.

Parka – Matalan.

Belt – Lowlife.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Everyone has been wearing parkas lately and for a while I searched around, ready with my hard-earned money to buy one, until recently whilst sorting out my old clothes my Mom found my old one. I’ve owned it since I was sixteen years old, so in the next three years it will be ten years old… That to me is rather scary!

Anyway, I didn’t want to dress up fancy as I was only going to the shops with my Mom to buy some odds and ends but of course I wanted to look nice at well and as the weather is starting to perk up a little I thought I’d wear my ankle boots for a change with a nice striped t-shirt and some skinny jeans.

When it got a little chillier I zipped up the parka and wore my hood up to keep my head warm, however the parka does look cooler open than closed.

I loved this look and I’ll be wearing it again soon, next time with a nice summer dress or my new pair of disco pants. I think the striped shirt looked awesome and gave the outfit a lovely spring feel to it, definitely an outfit to be worn to the pub!

Do you like the parka? Do you own one? If so what do you team it with? 😀

Take care all and will be seeing you again soon with another what I wore post. 😛

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