A Philosophy haul!

I know I’ve mentioned Philosophy a couple of times throughout the existence of my blog, I even posted a review for Amazing Grace shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath and Amazing Grace body emulsion over a year ago, which is here if you’d like to go check it out!

I LOVE Philosophy and I only started to use it over a year ago too, the two products mentioned just now being the first two I owned. I’ve since then used quite a few more but never really buying much of the products myself due to lack of funds or not finding much I wanted.

My Mom and I always go to QVC for our Philosophy products as they have a great choice and they’re great value for money as they have some good deals on and this is where this post comes to being written… If that makes sense!

I’d had my eyes on a couple of sets from Christmas and for ages had said I’d purchase them, but whenever it came to getting my cash ready I’d already spent it on clothes or food shopping.

However earlier this week I finally got around to getting some stuff ordered! Me and my Mom use her account so she rang them whilst I was at work and placed our orders down for what we wanted and it arrived Saturday morning, just as I was heading to work, TYPICAL!

So now, onto showing you what I bought!




3 Piece Sugar Plum Fairy Set – £18.67, originally £28.00

This set it gorgeous and although it was for Christmas, it would be perfect for a present for a girl or a teenager. In the set you get the Sugar Plum Fairy shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath in both a 480ml and a 240ml bottle as well as a Sugar Plum Fairy lip shine.

With this set you get an adorable little gift box, which you can see in the  image above. The picture on it is of a little girl in a pink tutu dress and I think it just sums up Sugar Plum Fairy so well. It’s girly, it’s pretty and it’s just perfect for any girl of any age.

In the gift box you get the 240ml bottle and the lip shine, as you can see from the images, the 480ml bottle is bonus really, which is great as at Christmas in Boots and Selfridges it retailed for £14.00 a bottle.




Sugar Plum Fairy is a gorgeous purple colour (my favourite for that matter!) which has a gorgeous purple and pink shimmer running throughout the product. It smells gorgeous, like sweets and it reminds me of something I used to use as a child and a teenager but I sadly can’t remember what it was. I love moving the bottle around under the  light so I can catch how gorgeous the shimmer is. It’s just beautiful. I used this in the shower this morning and it made my skin feel lovely and soft as well as smelling gorgeous, I had a few compliments at work when I arrived and it put me in a good mood.

You also get a lip shine and I wore this today (24/2/13) during work and it’s one of the best lip glosses I have had the pleasure of using. As you can see it’s purple and has the same purple and pink shimmer running throughout this, which is sheer enough to wear on your lips without making them go purple and glittery, which I like. As well as it looking beautiful, it smells and tastes heavenly! Once again it reminds me of sweets and I can’t help but lick it off my lips after applying it, it’s so yummy! Don’t try this at home though. 😉

I don’t want to talk too much about this mind as I intend to write reviews on all the products mentioned in this post!

So onto the second set I got!





3 Piece Candy Cane Set – £24.00 originally £39.25

This is the set I had my heart set on for ages. I love the smell of Candy Cane and it reminds me of winter and Christmas, as well as that I love the smell of mint as it smells so fresh and great for mornings and warm summer days.

The main thing I wanted from this set was the salt body scrub, as on QVC live it looked amazing and I love a good scrub, I want a soft bum! 😀

In this set you get Candy Cane shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath in a 480ml bottle, Candy Cane salt body scrub in a 652g tub and a Candy Cane lip shine. Seeing as the shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath retails for £14.00 like Sugar Plum Fairy I already feel like I’ve got a really good deal with this set!

Candy Cane smells exactly like candy canes and is really minty and fresh smelling, as well as menthol. I haven’t yet used this but I intend to have a lovely candy cane bath on my day off!

The salt body scrub is amazing, I’ve never seen a scrub be so thick and I can’t wait to try this out. It smells really strong and is something that would definitely wake you up in the mornings just by opening the lid of the tub. It looks like sugar and smells like it too, keep it away from anyone who is a fan of sugar. 😛

Finally the lip shine, it smells gorgeous and when put on the lips seems to make them tingle and plump, so this will be something I’ll use when my lips look a little dull and small to plump them up a little bit. I have it on now and my lips feel all tingly and great. Love it!

So that’s everything I got by Philosophy and want to know something lovely? My Mom offered to buy me these as a late birthday present, which is lovely of her as I wasn’t in a rush for anything, even if it was going to be an 100ml bottle of Gucci Envy Me. 😛

There will be five reviews going up in future for ALL of the products mentioned above! They won’t be in any certain order but I know I’m super excited to post about them, especially the Sugar Plum Fairy lip sine and the Candy Cane salt body scrub.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what do you own or want by Philosophy? Leave me a comment telling me!

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