Philosophy lip shine in Sugar Plum Fairy review

Wahay one of the reviews you’ve possibly been waiting for and the first one out of five is one of the lip shines.

I own two of the Philosophy lip shines, Sugar Plum Fairy and Candy Cane, the review for Candy Cane will be up soon!

When I watch the hosts on QVC talk about the lip shines they talk about how amazing these feel when on and how great they smell and taste and I thought like others more than likely do, “Oh they’re exaggerating to sell the product” but they couldn’t be anymore accurate and I feel a little bad for not believing them.



Before I even applied this to my lips the look of this product in the tube is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous light purple jelly gloss with gorgeous purple and pink shimmer running throughout it. When applied to the lips the shimmer doesn’t really show too much and it doesn’t go onto the lips as it looks in the tube either, which is great!

The packaging for this isn’t anything special and is pretty simple, but that doesn’t matter as this gloss packs a punch, a sweet one at that!

This will look amazing over one of my MAC lipsticks, especially Rebel and Daddy’s Little Girl, I can’t wait to try them together when I go out next.

I wore this to work on Sunday and I thought I couldn’t love it anymore, how wrong I was. It felt somewhat natural applying this to my lips, even without a lip balm underneath it feel soothing and nourishing for my lips and felt like a lip balm. As well as that it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips like most lip glosses do and thus isn’t sticky either. The applicator is perfect and makes sure that you can apply the gloss just  the way you want to and where you want to and need to.



As well as feeling great this lip shine smells and tastes great too! It smells of sweets due its sweet smell and taste, of something I used to have as a kid but I can’t think what. Possibly Refresher lollies, but either way sweets!

Swatched this product comes up clear, which is both a shame and a good thing as it means this wearable without worrying your lips will look like you’ve been drinking or eating anything that’s purple (Grape Fanta anyone?)

Philosophy’s lip shines retail on their official UK website for £10.00, however I got this in a 3 piece set for £18.67, so in theory I probably got this for half price, maybe less!

That being said I would pay the full price for this product because it ticks the boxes for me on loads of things I look for in a lip gloss.

The packaging is simple which makes it even easier to apply, same can go about the applicator. The colour of the lip gloss is something I go for and even if it came up the same colour as it does in the tube it wouldn’t bother me as I love pink, red and purple shades. Last of all the scent, taste and texture of the gloss. It smells like sweets, tastes like sweets and isn’t sticky like sweets which is great for me!


Huge thumbs up to this product (which I have on in the image above) and I can’t wait to try out more of philosophy’s lip shines.

Check out their selection on their website here.

Do you have any lip shines from Philosophy? If so, which ones do you have? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, take care.

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