Philosophy Candy Cane salt body scrub review

For months I’ve been so excited to try this body scrub and now I finally have it, I just have to share it with you!

As you may have previously read in this post here I got the scrub in a 3 piece set from QVC, the scrub being the main thing I wanted but of course I wanted the shower gel and lip shine too!



The scrub comes in a huge 652 g/23 oz tub which will last ages if used once a week, or even once a fortnight! The first thing I have to comment on with this is the cute little box that the scrub comes in. It’s incredibly festive and the black and white gingham bow on the top is just adorable and makes the packaging feel more expensive and cute and I love that they do this. The candy cane picture and red and white stripes just make it perfect and I won’t be throwing this box away, it’s too cute and in future I think I’ll keep my Yankee Candle wax tarts and samplers in it.


The message on the front of the tub reads:

May you dance with glee. May you skip with innocence. May you walk with loved ones. May you tap with excitement. May you jump in celebration. May cheer twirl around you like luscious candy cane swirls, and may joy tingle from your fingertips to toes.

The message on the front is rather accurate to the product and you’ll see why in a while when I explain more about it.



The scrub is rather thick in consistency and is a dull white colour and if you’ve ever tried the lip scrubs from Lush, their texture reminds me of that. The product does feel sticky when put onto dry skin, but wet it feel conditioning and melts into the skin whilst you rub it into the skin.

The best thing about this product is the smell! If you’ve ever tried or even smelt Trebor Softmints (the green packet)  then this is what this product smells like… Well to me anyway! Thus this reminds me of my child hood of sitting with my Mom on my way home from school in the car, munching on one Softmint after the other. The smell to me isn’t overpowering, which is surprising as I have a very sensitive nose but if you do have a sensitive nose then best to have a sniff of this before you buy, just incase.

Due to the strong smell this product is great for waking you up with its minty scent and I know this will be perfect for summer when I have hay fever!

I had a play with this for the first time Monday afternoon when I had a mini pamper in the bath. I popped some baby bubbles into the tub, popped on a face mask and used the Candy Cane scrub and shower gel to get lovely baby soft, minty smelling skin.

This is where the line, “and may joy tingle from your fingertips to toes.” is the most accurate thing I have heard from a product in quite some time. I was in a very warm bath and after using this scrub I felt extremely cold, almost like I was sat in a bath filled with ice cubes and cold water. Due to the mint in this scrub when used on the skin it leaves it feeling tingly and with a cooling sensation, which freaked me out as I didn’t expect it! The same happened with the shower gel too, so I’m rather glad I didn’t pop it into the bath incase it did the same.

That being said, the cool tingle it leaves on the skin will be perfect for hot summer days and I think I’ll be saving the Candy Cane shower gel for when I’m feeling really warm and need something to cool me down that doesn’t involve a cold shower.

Aside from this, this scrub is amazing. It melts into the skin like butter on hot toast and works beautifully! I applied this all over my body, making sure to work on my thighs, upper arms and of course my bum the most. Since using this my skin feels soft and like baby skin and I love it! Due to this I don’t even think I need to use this weekly like I usually do with a scrub, once a fortnight might do me the trick… Once a week as a pampering treat maybe? 🙂

Would I recommend this scrub? Hell yes! I’ve already told my Mom to borrow it to give it a go. I’ve checked the website for a possible price and for any other salt scrubs they may sell and I sadly can’t find any. Due to the shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath retailing for £14.00 for their 480ml bottles I can only imagine this being £20 a tub, if not a little less. My Mom paid £24.00 for the 3 piece Candy Cane set she bought me for my birthday, so I think this was money well spent!

Will you be giving one of Philosophy’s salt body scrubs a go? If so let me know in the comments.

See you soon for more Philosophy reviews!

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