Philosophy lip shine in Candy Cane review

Another lip shine, another review and I know one thing, I LOVE the lip shines!

I’ve already done a review for Sugar Plum Fairy lip shine, which you can check out here so now it’s Candy Cane’s turn.

I can’t exactly remember what the hosts said about this lip shine, but whatever they said they were probably spot on with their comments, as they certainly were about Sugar Plum Fairy.



It’s a clear lip gloss that looks like a cloudy lemonade colour in the tube, which is the same colour shared across the whole Candy Cane range. Like all of Philosophy’s lip shines, the packaging isn’t any to rave about but the applicator is, like I said on  my Sugar Plum Fairy review the applicator is perfect for applying this product and I love it a lot.

Like the rest of the Candy Cane range, this smells of sweet mints and when applied to lips tastes beautiful and smells gorgeous. As well as looking, smelling and tasting great it feels rather special too, in the sense that like the rest of the Candy Cane products it leaves your skin feeling tingly. That’s because this lip shine seems to have a lip plumper formula in it. This isn’t the first time I’ve owned a lip plumper, but I have seemed to lost or used them all and this one is the perfect replacement.



It swatches as a clear lip gloss and will look perfect on its own if you’re in a rush and can’t be bothered to faff with lipsticks or on top of a red or purple lipstick for evenings. I wore this to work on Tuesday morning for my early shift and I loved it, the smell alone kept me alert and gave my lips a bit of life to them in the morning not long after being awake. Also as well as this feeling tingly on the lips, it also felt tingly on my hand when I was swatching it!

Like Sugar Plum Fairy these lip shines aren’t at all sticky and are very moisturising, that being said however I teamed this with my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lip balm in mint and chocolate. They worked perfectly together and I’ll be wearing them again in future.

The lip shines retail for £10.00 each over on Philosophy’s website but sadly they don’t have Candy Cane on sale at this moment in time, due to it being a Christmas limited edition.

I really can’t wait for summer to arrive, this will be worn to death on hot days, especially when sunbathing! I’m sure this product will be great on cold days too, as due to its conditioning properties, this will protect my lips from becoming chapped and sore.

And of course this post can’t possibly finish until you see a picture of me wearing it…


Apologies for looking so tired, I am indeed shattered after my early shift and this was taken after a three-hour nap! I’ll soon be having a midnight snack and going to sleep!

So that’s my two Philosophy lip shine reviews out there for you to read. Let me know in the comments if you’ll be buying or even looking into buying any of their lip shines after reading my reviews. I hope so, they’re wonderful and worth  the full price ticket!

Take care and will see you soon for the last two Philosophy reviews!

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