Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath review

Only one review left after this one and the Philosophy reviews will be over for this week and that being said, this is the second and final product I’ll be reviewing from the Sugar Plum Fairy set I received as a late birthday present.

Sugar Plum Fairy is a part of Philosophy’s Christmas collection and since the New Year sales, I can’t find it anywhere to purchase other than QVC (which is where I got mine from) and Boots. This being said, these are sets but are well worth the money and are cute little sets too.

When I ordered this, I didn’t know what it would smell of as I don’t ever recall smelling it before or during the Christmas period, even though I had smelt Candy Cane and a few others. I probably had smelt this, but I just can’t remember which surprises me.


DSC_0002The way the description reads on this bottle, this product reminds me of something you would receive as a young girl or a teenager as a Christmas present from a relative you see once every so often  like an auntie or a cousin, or even a family friend. If I had of known how lovely this product is, I would have bought my best friend a set for Christmas!


When I first received this product I couldn’t quite believe how shimmery and iridescent  it was and I kept moving it around under the light to try to see how many colours I could find running throughout the shimmer. I only found two, pink and purple. Isn’t it just beautiful? This shimmer doesn’t just stay beautiful in the bottle, it transfers onto the skin too, which I noticed when I first used this before an afternoon shift at work.

As well as looking beautiful, this product smells perfect. The first thing I wanted to do was give this a sniff when I took it out of the box, so the protective seal was peeled off and sniffing commenced. This is a very girly scent, something you would see a little girl enjoying or a young teenager. It reminds me of when I was younger and that’s precisely why I love it. It’s a very sweet smell, but not overpowering, but subtle and the sort of smell you would expect from a fruit like a cherry or an apple. If you like sweet smells, overpowering or not then you will adore this.


With flash.


Without flash.

As you can see the product is the colour plum, which adds to the name of this product for sure, the fairy coming from the iridescent shimmer that runs throughout it. The picture without flash shows the different colours of purple and pink running throughout perfectly and these transfer to the skin after washing, but not too much that you feel the need to wash yourself again to get it off. It’s subtle and isn’t noticeable which is great if you don’t want to be a glittery fairy like myself.

The product lathers up lovely in a scrunchie and you don’t even need much to get this much, about a 10 pence size, maybe 50p if you want more than the normal amount. I haven’t yet tried this in a bath, but I intend to after hearing how the shimmer runs throughout it until you pull the plug, it sounds heavenly!

Overall I think Sugar Plum Fairy is aimed towards little girls and young teenagers who are wanting to feel a little more grown up and like their mothers and older siblings. However, that doesn’t stop us young women and older ladies using this to make ourselves feel younger and remember some lovely memories.

The bottle I reviewed is a 280ml one, even though I also own a 480ml one too. At Christmas the 480ml retailed for £14.00, but at the moment it’s probably selling for £7.00, if not less as I’ve seen some beauty bloggers snapping up Christmas editions for as little as £3.50! What a bargain! However that being said, I’m not entirely sure how much 280ml bottles retail for, but I have a feeling they’re only used in sets. I can’t see them being anymore than £10.00 anyway, if not just over £5.00.

I know this reminds me of a deodorant body spray I used to use as a teenager after P.E. that smelt similar to this. I know one of my local shops STILL sells it, I may have to pick it up and see how similar they smell. It’s nice being reminded of your younger self, whether it makes you cringe, cry or laugh.

I can’t quite believe I turned 23 nearly 2 months ago, I feel rather old but this product makes me feel young again, which I think is what it’s meant to do.

Would you like to become a Sugar Plum Fairy and give this product a go? Let me know in the comments below.

One review left, I hope you enjoy it!

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