Philosophy Candy Cane shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath review

Finally the fifth and last review from the Philosophy sets I have been reviewing for this week.

I was so excited about finally getting my hands on Candy Cane due to the fact I’d smelt it so many times before, during and even after the Christmas period that I just knew I had to have it. That being said I put myself off buying it in the January sales for £7.00 because I’d seen the set on QVC with the salt body scrub and the lip shine for a little bit more money. That being said, I’ve seen beauty bloggers talking of how they have snapped up bottles of Candy Cane for just £3.50! I’m going to be hitting Boots soon to try to bag myself some more Philosophy bargains!



I have the 480ml bottle of Candy Cane and the bottle isn’t clear like a majority of the shower gel bottles, but it has a cover on it with a candy cane stripe pattern, as well as Philosophy’s cute little message on the front underneath the products name. This one is incredibly festive and full of Christmas cheer, which I find really warming and sweet.

As I have mentioned before on my previous Candy Cane related reviews, this smells of mints and is very menthol. It reminds me of Trebor Softmints, which I used to eat a lot as a child. This being said it’s a sweet mint and whilst it isn’t overpowering to me, it might be to someone else and that’s why I find this great to use for in the morning to wake me up, especially in the winter. Just when you smell this it clears your sinuses, especially if you have a blocked nose or need something to perk you up a little, which is why I think this will be great for me in the summer, seeing as I get really bad spells of hay ever.


First of all I want to say, I know to some of you this picture may look rather awkward, but it is Candy Cane… Not anything else. Finish giggling yet? Okay. 😛

Unlike Sugar Plum Fairy, this doesn’t have any shimmer running throughout it and it’s just a creamy white colour, although it does seem to have some sort of pearlescent affect to it, which looks nice. This makes a really great lather when applied to my scrunchie and you don’t need that much, like Sugar Plum Fairy between a 10p and a 50p amount will do the trick.

I haven’t yet tried this in the bath either, but I’m a little frightened to unless it’s a hot summers afternoon or evening. Like Candy Cane salt body scrub this leaves a tingly cold sensation after you’ve washed with it, but not as much as the scrub does, which I’m glad about. I used this on Wednesday and as I’d only just woken up, this helped lift my mood and the cold tingly feeling on my skin helped a lot too. This will be perfect for summer mornings, especially if you take this on holiday with you as the cool sensation it leaves behind really does cool you down. I don’t advice using this on a cold evening mind, I used the scrub on a cold afternoon and I was shivering in the bath.

I love Candy Cane as a shower gel and I know I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to buy some more of this already, as I’ve said people are finding it for less than £5 in Boots and that’s for the same size as I have now.

This shouldn’t be around for just Christmas, Philosophy should make a permanent edition for their family that can be used throughout the whole year, especially in summer. They should call it, Cold Summer Showers and have it a gorgeous orange with silver and blue shimmer to symbolise orange summer sunsets and cold water.

Okay I’m going off the point now! This normally retails for £14.00 around Christmas, but at the moment you can pick up a bottle in Boots for £3.50, I say in Boots as they don’t have this online anymore, which is a shame.

Good luck finding it in store and if you do, let me know in the comments down below!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Philosophy reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them. I hope I can pick up some more Philosophy goodies soon to share with you as I love their products and I hope I’ve encouraged any Philosophy virgins out there to give their products a try.

See you soon and have a great weekend!

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