February empties

Wow how quickly is this year flying by?! I used up quite a few things in February, mostly shower gel and face masks, but I loved them all so I want to share them with you.


  • Original Source shower gel in chocolate & mint.

This shower gel is amazing! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before and if not, prepare for a long sentence about it! I bought this shower gel after finding out I could get 20% off any shower gels in Boots thanks to my Advantage Card, so I took them up on their offer and bought this as a treat. This stuff smells just like After Eights, which I had to admit I love. It reminds me of Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day. Sitting with my family after dinner scoffing down these one by one. Not only does this shower gel smell divine, but it makes my skin really soft too, which is great. I was using this before work most days in February and it’s a shame it’s all gone now, but I’ll soon be buying another bottle and for just a £1 in most places, it’s well worth the money! If you like chocolate and mint smells like I do, then try this out!

  • Simple soothing shower cream.

This product was a mistake, not in the sense I regret buying it and will never do so again, but I picked up the wrong product. I thought this was the moisturising shower cream that Simple have (or had) out, but as I haven’t been able to find it for a good couple of years, I have a feeling it’s been discontinued. I’ve used this before and it is a lovely shower cream. It doesn’t have any scent to it and it does soothe the skin, especially if you’re feeling sensitive or tired, which on some occasions I do. I wanted to use the last bit of this up so I popped it in the bath and it was lovely, my skin felt baby soft after I got out. I’m surprised it even created a lather in the bath, seeing as it’s supposed to be a shower product but hey ho! If you have sensitive skin then I definitely recommend Simple for their shower and bath products, they’re lovely and kind to your skin.

  • Head & Shoulders shampoo in sensitive.

Okay now I know majority of people say how rubbish Head & Shoulders is and how bad it is for your hair BUT it is the only shampoo I have ever found that stops my dandruff and therefore stops me from itching my head every two seconds because of it. My hairdresser hates me using this, but I have tried everything possible, even professional shampoos for dandruff don’t work and end up making it worse, rather than better. The only times I recommend this shampoo are if people wish to strip their hair from a hair colour or are suffering with the same problems I do with my dandruff. It’s an expensive shampoo, which is a shame but it does the job so I don’t mind. I can only use the sensitive version too, as once I tried an apple one and I had a very bad allergic reaction. Not good!

  • Dettol liquid.

Okay I know this isn’t a beauty related product, but this is what I use in a bath if I’m not feeling very well. I know that sounds really odd but as a child my Mom would pop a few caps of this into a bath for me, along with some baby bath and it cleared my head and sore throats pretty well. I’ve been suffering with some terrible headaches lately and whenever I’ve had a bath with this stuff in it’s gotten rid of them and cleared my head. I also use this in a bath before I go to bed sometimes to relax me, it really does work and even though most people probably hate the smell of this, I think it smells lovely and clean and it reminds me of my childhood. This is pretty cheap to pick up too, I get it in Home Bargains for less than a £1. Even if you don’t use it in the bath, it’s a must have for under the kitchen or bathroom sink!


As I said at the start of this post, I used a lot of face masks!

  • Superdrug detoxifying dead sea mineral mask.

I love Superdrug face masks, they’re really cheap and do an amazing job. This mask works deep into the pores to leave you with a better complexion. I used this on a day off from work and it really did make my skin feel relaxed and cleared. You get loads of product in each sachet so I made sure to slap on as much as I could! It was lovely to sit back with this on and play some games on my iPad. After I washed this off my skin looked clear and brighter and even felt softer than it had before I put it on. I loved this mask and I’ll definitely be buying it again!

  • Superdrug tropical cocktail peel-off mask.

I’m often allergic to peel-off masks and they burn my face not long after putting them on, however this one didn’t burn at all and it felt really nice on the skin and like the name, it smelt beautiful. It has mango and noni in as well as pineapple and coconut so it smells like a pina colada, which I love. I could have been sat on a tropical beach with a pina colada and it would have felt somewhat similar. Like all Superdrug masks they have loads of product inside so I made sure to slather my face in the orange gel. It dried relatively quickly and peeled off in one go, which is a rare occurrence with peel-off masks. After taking this off my face felt really soft and I know I’ll be buying this again for in the summer, it’ll be lovely!

  • Superdrug super fruits exfoliating mask.

This masks smells AMAZING, just like a fruit salad full of berries! It contains raspberries, cranberries and blueberries and as it is an exfoliating mask it has strawberry seeds to scrub the skin whilst you put it on as a mask. I’d never used an exfoliating mask before so I wasn’t sure what to do with the application, so as I applied I rubbed the skin gently and of course as mentioned before you get a lot of product in each sachet I was able to have a good scrub before leaving the mask on to dry and work its magic! It’s a lovely purple colour and dried rather quickly and as I washed it off I scrubbed my face gently as I went. My face felt soft and like a babies bum, I couldn’t complain and I’ll definitely be purchasing this again too! I usually use a Soap & Glory scrub before I put a face mask on, but this wasn’t necessary, which makes a nice change.

Overall I loved all the products I used up in February and I hope I have as many products here next month, I know I’ll have plenty of face masks, as I use them on a weekly basis now.

What products did you use up in February? Let me know in the comments!

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