February favourites

Apologies that this post is late, I know it’s only 7 days but I’ve been so busy and tired lately due to work that this is the only time I’ve had for myself as well as writing for my blog.

But the wait is over and here are this months favourites!


Majority of things I loved this month were beauty related.


  • Face masks from Superdrug.

I’ve been loving wearing face masks this month and whenever I had a day off work I popped one of these on whilst having  a bath and played on my iPad (yes I use my iPad whilst I bathe!). Face masks are great for if you want to pamper yourself and as I rarely get the chance to do that, I like to use a face mask at least once a week to make up for this. They’re also great for your skin and whenever I use mine they leave my skin feeling subtle and soft. Clay masks work the best for me and I pick these up with the odd peel-off mask to try, even though I am allergic to most of them. Superdrug face masks are great and you can pick them up in 4 for £3 deals, which are great as you have various types to choose from. I recommend these to everyone, even if you have sensitive skin like myself as these are quite gentle to skin. My favourite this month was definitely the exfoliating one which was jam-packed full of berries! My February empties has more information on this product.


  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body wash.

I bought this body wash back before Christmas and it smells amazing! It was a new release around the time I bought it and after smelling its citrus scent I knew I had to have it! This is perfect for if you’re not a morning person like me and need a little waking up in the mornings. I use this on my early and night shifts at work as it really perks me up! It smells like an alcoholic drink I had years ago whilst out clubbing and reminds me of something you’d be sipping in the summer outside a pub or on a beach. This being said I avoid using this if I’m feeling sickly or hung over as the smell just makes me feel rather ill. Other than that the smell if gorgeous and it softens the skin beautifully too! It has a pump so it’s easy to pump out onto whatever you use to wash with, I opt for my scrunchie or my exfoliating gloves. This will be perfect for the spring and summer months that we’re yet to see, which I’m excited about!

  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Shocking Coral.

As you may have seen, I wrote a review for this lipstick towards the end of February and since I bought this lipstick, I haven’t been able to put it down and since my Mom buying it last week after me telling her all about it, she hasn’t been able to put it down either! It’s a gorgeous coral colour that isn’t too bright, which is perfect for work, as well as any occasion. It’s a creamy formula too so you can wear it all day long and it won’t dry out your lips. As well as that the packaging is cute with its neon red/orange lid which is appealing. I’ve been wearing it loads since I bought it and I know soon enough it’ll be all used up and I’ll need to buy myself a new tube, not that that’s a bad thing! I recommend this lipstick if you’re not used to wearing light lipstick shades (like myself) or if you’re worried that a coral might be too bright for you, this coral is perfect for any skin tone too. Go and look at it if you haven’t already, it’s perfect!


  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula in Mint & Dark Chocolate.

One of my friends told me at the beginning of February about the new lip balms Palmer’s had brought out. They were still the same old cocoa butter formula, but with a twist. They brought out a cherry and dark chocolate flavour as well as the mint and dark chocolate flavour, which is the one I have. I did want the cherry but after picking it up the Superdrug the queue was near the entrance of the shop so I put it back down and made my way to Boots, but they only stocked the mint and chocolate so I went with that one and I’m glad I did! This tastes beautiful and is said to leave you with fresh breath too, whether this is accurate or not, I don’t know. It’s just the normal cocoa butter formula from Palmer’s but with a new tastes. I know Palmer’s brought out a lip gloss style balm with both of these new flavours, but I didn’t want a gloss, I wanted a balm so I’m glad they’ve brought these out. I use this for work all the time and keep it in my pocket for when I need it on the go. I use it religiously at home too, especially before I apply any lipsticks or glosses. I recommend this to anyone who wants a change from the normal cocoa butter formula.

  • Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick from MAC’s Archie’s Girls Collection.

This is one of the six lipsticks from the Archie’s Girls Collection from MAC, this shade being Daddy’s Little Girl. I wrote a review for it only days after purchasing as I just love it so much! It’s a beautiful purple pink shade which can be worn throughout the whole year and with anything for any occasion. It can be a tad drying after a while so I try not to wear this all day, but that being said I can wear this for work as its staying power is amazing! As well as that the packaging is super cute with a picture of Veronica on the front. This is a great lipstick and would be a great first lipstick for a MAC virgin.

  • DKNY Red Delicious Eau De Parfum 50ml.

Since finishing the perfume my brother bought me for my birthday, I’ve been using this perfume. I’ve owned it for quite a while now so it needs using up so I can repurchase it. I’ve written a bit about it over on a perfume post I wrote about a year ago. This is a gorgeous fresh but fruity perfume that smells just like apples. I find it’s the strongest of the Delicious perfumes from DKNY and it was supposed to be limited edition but I still see it for sale everywhere. The scent lasts ages and is something I would pop into my handbag for a night out and for the daytime if I’m out shopping with friends or going to the cinema. I use it for work and everyone compliments me on it, so I can’t complain! I love the perfume so much, it’s such a summer fragrance.

So those are my long-awaited favourites from February. I hope you enjoyed them!

What did you love using last month? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next month, have fun with your beauty products.

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