What I wore (16th March 2013)

Haven’t done one of these for a month, so it’s nice to be writing this up right now! I really miss doing my what I wore posts but I’m always stuck at work or in too much of a rush to get any pictures taken, however I couldn’t avoid taking any pictures of this outfit as I loved it so much! I went out for one of my friends birthdays over the weekend and we all had a great night, so here’s the pictures of the outfit I wore.

By the way, apologies if they images look a tad on the dark side, these were taken around 7pm on my SLR.







Muscle vest/t-shirt – Forever 21.

Tartan skirt – Select.

Brothel creepers – Shoe Zone.

Spiked pleather jacket  by Glamorous – Republic.

Leggings – Dorothy Perkins.

Trilby hat – Primark.

Handbag – Dorothy Perkins.

This look is very rocky and grunge and I love it because of that! It’s been so cold lately that I’ve been wearing my jeans a lot with boots and big coats so it was nice to get my pleather jacket out and my wolf muscle shirt. I bought it back before Christmas and this is the first time I’ve been able to wear it because of the weather.

I’ve owned my tartan skirt since I was 18 and it’s still doing a great job of looking awesome during the day, night and throughout every season! I love my creepers and for nights out they do justice for comfort as well as looking great.

With the muscle t-shirt it’s rather long so I tucked it in at the back so that the front looked relaxed and slouchy as I didn’t think it looked right being like that all the way around the outfit.

I loved this outfit so much and I know I’ll be wearing this again in future, possibly with my Star Wars muscle t-shirt with some patterned tights and spiked flats, with my spiked pleather jacket again.

I hope you liked what I wore, if you have any questions about the outfit please feel free to leave me a comment down below!

Until next time, take care and hope you all had a good weekend.

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