Yankee Candle collection: small jars

Finally we’re on the third and last post of these Yankee Candle posts I’ve been writing about the past few days. Today I’m going to be sharing my small jar candles, which are by far my favourite type of candles to burn by Yankee Candle.

There isn’t much to explain about jar candles other than the obvious, it’s Yankee Candle in a glass jar and like most candles like this they have a wick which you burn until the candle burns down until it cannot burn anymore. The jars provide longer burning time than the wax tarts and samplers do, which is what I prefer. Also I love keeping and re using the jars for samplers as well as little bits and bobs like change or maybe as decoration, you can make them look rather kitsch with some paint.

I was bought my first Yankee Candle as a jar around last February/March when I became very ill and my Mom wanted to cheer me up with a treat, bless her. She’d known I had my eye on a certain Yankee Candle set from QVC for months and decided to buy it me as a surprise. I’ve only recently finished one of the candles that came in the set and I intend to buy it again in future.





Penguin small shade and plate set.

This is one of the pieces that came in the set my Mom bought me, a penguin shade and plate for small jar candles. Alongside this it came with three small jar candles, those being Christmas Cookie, Christmas Cupcake and Sparkling Snow. My Mom kept Sparkling Snow as a thank you from me for buying me this set, which she keeps away to sniff when she fancies it.

The way shades work with the jars is to make sure that the candle burns evenly down the side of the jar and the way the plate works is as the candle burns lower and lower down the jar, the bottom of it gets rather hot, so the plate just prevents it from burning the surface you keep the candle on. These come in sizes for small, medium and large.

As well as different sizes, they come with different patterns, pictures etc, depending on season. One summer they had strawberries and another they had mice. You can pick up all sorts and they aren’t that expensive either, especially on Yankee Doodle and eBay.

I love penguins and this set was out for Christmas 2011, they also brought out a medium and large set, as well as a sampler holder and a wax burner. I don’t care if it isn’t Christmas for another 9 months, I use this all the time with my jars. It’s even more special when it comes to Christmas time, as it means I can use my Christmas scents with it.


From left to right:

Christmas Cookie, Christmas Cupcake, Sicilian Lemon and Red Velvet.

These are all the small jars I own so far and I intend to buy more! Once again they’re all food smells, which I love the most and as you might be able to see, Christmas Cupcake has all gone and Sicilian Lemon is on its way out.

As I mentioned, Christmas Cookie and Christmas Cupcake were presents, but I purchased Sicilian Lemon from Clinton Cards and Red Velvet from an independent card shop in Birmingham and they have the cheapest Yankee Candles around!

Here’s a quick summery of the description that comes with small jars above.

Christmas Cookie:

Buttery rich, vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies.

Christmas Cupcake:

An irresistible treat … rich, moist vanilla cupcake covered with sweet buttery holiday icing.

Sicilian Lemon:

A bright and sunny citrus… perfectly ripe, with a naturally sweet and refreshing scent.

Red Velvet:

A most decadent creation of creamy frosting atop moist cake and a touch of brown sugar. So very sweet.

Like most of the scents I own, these are all food scents and mostly autumn, winter and Christmas scents, only one being spring or summer which is Sicilian Lemon.

I love burning Sicilian Lemon on summer evenings, especially if it’s been sunny during the day. I remember buying this candle as a mini congratulations to myself for getting my job. πŸ™‚

Each small jars burns for between 25-40 hours, which is ideal for me as I don’t burn them that often and even if I burn one for majority of the day, it doesn’t ware it down very much.


Christmas Cookie and Red Velvet.

Two out of three of my most favourite Yankee Candles are Christmas Cookie and Red Velvet. Number three being Sweet Strawberry but I don’t own that in jar form… Yet. I love Christmas Cookie so much that I also have the air fresheners of it in my car, which smell amazing and last up to two weeks!


This isn’t a small jar, it’s a small tumbler but I wanted to mention it here as my best friend Hannah bought it for my 22nd birthday and I refuse to ever burn it, as it just means too much to me. πŸ™‚ It’s Vanilla Cupcake in the special edition occasions small tumbler. If you have any questions about tumblers, please leave me a comment down below as I don’t really want to go into them too much here. πŸ™‚

I want to start building myself a little collection of small jars as I love Yankee Candles so much and want some new scents for the spring and summer, as most of mine are all autumn and winter smells.

Great places to buy Yankee Candle jars (of all sizes) from:

Clinton Cards

Independent shops (there are loads in Birmingham)

Yankee Doodle


Well that’s the end of this mini series of posts about my Yankee Candles! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about them. I love Yankee Candles and since finally getting into them a few Christmases ago, I can safely say I’ll never look back and will continue to add to my growing collection.

As mentioned on the previous two posts, if you have any questions about Yankee Candles or wish to know more about any size jars, shades and plates or even about the tumblers I briefly mentioned then please feel free to ask me in a comment down below!

Once again, I hope you enjoyed these posts and I hope you have a great weekend, I know I’ll be having a wonderful Saturday with two of my closest friends Poppy and Maki.

Bye for now!

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